Carleton Clinic 

The Carleton Clinic provides Hospital Services for people with mental health needs, learning disabilities and problems with substance misuse.

Services include:

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (Rowanwood)

Rowanwood is a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Carlisle, comprising of 10 single bedrooms. It provides an intensive care function for the whole county. The Unit will provide expert, supportive, short term, individualised care for adults who are in an acutely disturbed phase of a serious mental disorder, resulting in increased risks that require the person to be treated in a controlled environment for a brief period of time. The unit is a clinical environment which offers intensive nursing support and interventions to individuals who are assessed as requiring higher levels of care. The unit is designed for short-term care ideally of no more than eight weeks, although length of stay will ultimately be dictated by clinical need in line with recovery. Therapy is delivered by a multi-disciplinary team, which will also have an advisory role to other mental health units within the trust. The therapeutic management is assessed and based on specialist intensive interventions and not containment.


Hadrian Unit

Hadrian Unit is a 27 bedded high risk needs-led acute psychiatric ward for the whole of Cumbria, at Carleton Clinic in Carlisle. Hadrian is a needs led unit for individuals aged 18 years and over. The ward provides assessment, care and treatment for patients who present with a functional mental illness and who have a completed risk assessment screen prior to admission. Hadrian Unit works with adults who have a primary presentation of acute functional mental illness who require an inpatient episode, as it is not viable to provide or continue home treatment because they are:

  • At risk of immediate and significant self harm/ suicide or self neglect due to their mental health and/or
  • At immediate and significant risk to others due to their mental health.
  • In circumstances where there is immediate risk of the breakdown in normal life or support network.
  • In circumstances where existing community service user is already receiving a higher level of input due to the level of deterioration of their mental state, or the increased level of risk
  • At significant risk of personal vulnerability and exploitation.
  • At significant risk of mental health deterioration without mental health intervention.

The Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHT) is the ‘gatekeeper' for all the referrals to the in-patient service. Hadrian is identified as a ‘place of safety' under s.16 of the Mental Health Act.


Oakwood Unit

This is a 12 bedded ward for adults. It is part of the Acute mental health inpatient service provided by the Trust and is on the Carleton Clinic site in Carlisle. The unit is for service users who:

  • Require a bed on a needs-Led Frail/Vulnerable Ward due to risk of self-harm or harm to others
  • Are experiencing an acute episode of mental distress that is not manageable in their home with support from the CRHT.
  • The goal of all treatment and interventions offered on Oakwood is that of recovery. 

Treatments/interventions available include:

  • Psychosocial Interventions (PSI)
  • Person Centred Counselling
  • Medication
  • Diversional Activities
  • Protected Therapeutic Time
  • Occupational Therapy Assessment
  • Relaxation/Anxiety Management
  • Education
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Ruskin Unit (Organic)

Ruskin is a 15 bedded Nurse led unit which aims to provide a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the older person's physical, psychological, behavioural, social and spiritual needs through validated assessment tools and multidisciplinary working. The unit takes referrals from across the county. Its aims are:

  • To provide admission and multidisciplinary assessment of individuals with an organic mental illness with acute problematic behaviours and which includes people with a learning disability
  • To offer appropriate assessment, treatment and management of people with an organic mental illness, maintaining personal and social competence and encouraging recovery and independence where able
  • To assist in the assessment, identification and diagnoses of mental health problems within the older population of Cumbria
  • To work alongside other departments within Trust, Adult Social Care and Acute Trust as well as other agencies to enhance care
  • To ensure all other options of help have been offered within the community, making admission a last resort
  • To provide a timely discharge to a placement suitable to meet the needs of the individual once they are deemed fit for discharge
  • To provide carer assessments and offer support, education and guidance when required.

Edenwood (Learning Disability Unit)

This is the specialist Learning Disability In-Patient Service for the Trust providing 6 assessment and treatment beds for the county. The unit works with adults who have a global learning disability. Edenwood provides assessment and treatment for people with learning disabilities with additional mental health problems requiring in-service user care when this cannot be appropriately provided in generic in-service user settings e.g. because of the person's vulnerability in such a setting.  Edenwood also provides assessment and treatment for people with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour or offending behaviours whose needs for assessment and treatment cannot safely be met in the community.  Interventions will be based on these assessments and include a range of psychological, social and medical interventions depending on individual need.  Everyone is offered a full physical assessment and medical conditions are treated.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged.

  • For people with mental health needs, psychotropic medication will be prescribed if required and there is access to cognitive behavioural therapy if appropriate in line with NICE and other guidance
  • For people with challenging behaviour, there is an emphasis on understanding the function of challenging behaviour and working to develop strategies for its management which can be transferred to community settings
  • For people with offending behaviours there is an emphasis on developing robust risk assessments and risk management plans, together with cognitive behavioural interventions.

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