Dementia awareness Week: Focus on #see the person

Let’s talk about dementia!

Join the OT twitter chat with our occupational therapist (OT) Nichola Duffy (@Nnikki_Duffy) on Tuesday 19th May 8pm BST for an #OTalk tweetchat. You can ask advice about someone you know or if you generally wwant to know more about dementia join the chat. By talking about dementia we will help reduce the stigma and fear of the disease.

As a Trust we support the #seetheperson campaign. It means that we don't just see someone with dementia we see the person behind it. #seethePERSON is a new project that has been developed for the Memory & Later Life Mental Health Services team within Cumbria.

The project aims to put more focus on an individual’s personal well-being and their self-esteem in order to aid better care, rather than focusing simply on the illness as the object of a person’s treatment. It means treatment is tailored for the all of the individual’s needs not just their condition. It’s hoped the new way of working will improve patient experience, raise standards of quality, staff competencies and safety and keep the focus on the person in care.

In her blog here she explains the role that OTs have in supporting people with dementia and how the Trust has adopted the statement #seetheperson she said:

“As OT’s we have a responsibility to look beyond the neurological impairment and focus on strengths, capabilities and valued occuaptions. With occupational therapists having a specific responsibility to utilise approaches that ‘penetrate the bubble’ as Perrin (1997) described many years ago, to really See The Person living with dementia, not only symptoms.”

Nichola Duffy @Nnikki_Duffy.