Get your blood pressure checked!

The cardiac rehabilitation team at West Cumberland Hospital are promoting good blood pressure management  as part of the British Heart Foundation’s ‘Wear it red’ day on Thursday 18th October.

New figures released by the BHF show that over 24% of the population has undiagnosed high blood pressure, and with high blood pressure being a major contributor to illness like heart attacks, stroke, heart failure and kidney disease, it is important you get checked.

To help raise awareness the team will be offering to check the blood pressure of staff and visitors at the main entrance of West Cumberland Hospital between 11.30 and 2pm.

They will explain what your reading means and give any relevant advice as well as answering and questions or concerns you have about blood pressure.

Hilary Stitt, physiotherapist within the Cardiac rehabilitation team said:

“Knowing what your own blood pressure is, and having it checked regularly is one of the most important things we can do towards looking after our own hearts and cardiovascular health. We want to raise awareness with staff, and give them the opportunity to come and get their own blood pressure checked out, when busy working lives might mean staff don’t make time for their own health.

“We also want to raise awareness for staff to be opportunistic in their contacts with patients. There are many chances for us to check patients’ blood pressure that are missed, and if we make every contact count we can contribute to detecting a patient with undiagnosed blood pressure.”

Reducing your blood pressure numbers even by a little bit can reduce peoples risk of developing illness related to cardiovascular disease by up to 20%, and with treatment being successful these risks can be significantly reduced.

Obviously the Cardiac Rehabilitation team are passionate about blood pressure management, and as with everything, prevention is better than cure, so make time for yourself between 11.30 and 2pm in the main entrance at West Cumberland Hospital to have your blood pressure taken.