Glimpse of Brilliance

We wanted a way for staff to be recognised and celebrated for the continuous hard work they do to support patients every day, which is why we've launched the ‘Glimpse of Brilliance’.

Glimpse of Brilliance is a simple but effective concept – it’s about building on the good things. We know that staff are achieving fantastic things every day despite the challenges so let’s shout about it!

Our colleagues at North Cumbria University Hospital's NHS Trust also use the ‘Glimpse of Brilliance’ with their staff which means we can celebrate the good work going on in both organisations.

Glimpse of Brilliance works by staff sending in their nominations about other colleagues that they feel deserved to be recognised for something they’ve done. This can be anything! Every week, we share a ‘Glimpse of Brilliance’ with staff from CPFT and NCUH through internal channels and via social media. Take a look at our Glimpse of Brilliances!

If you’re a staff member from CPFT or NCUH get in touch with your communications team to submit your nominations!