Headache Forum Upfront Gallery

Pictured above are Susan Hurst, Dr Vanderpol and Sandra Borg Esposito.

Numbers of attendees at the regular Headache Forums coordinated by Dr Jitka Vanderpol, Consultant Neurologist are growing. Almost 50, new and previous attendees, both patients, public and professionals were present at the Upfront Gallery Unthank near Penrith for the third event on Thursday 2nd July. 

Susan Hurst, Specialist Headache Nurse from the RVI in Newcastle provided information and advice to the group on triggers, lifestyle and CBT techniques. Her aim is to give patients their life back and for the patient to control their headaches and not the headaches control the patient.  Susan Borg Esposito Clinical Psychologist with CPFT delivered a presentation and held interactive session, which included breathing and relaxation techniques. 

The audience were encouraged to take part in a Q and A session. Feedback was positive; “the event exceeded my expectations, I have picked up some useful techniques, I didn't know this service existed” The next event is planned for 17th September.