Mental health practitioner swaps books for boots

In order for one of our mental health practitioners to develop the service First Step offers to Cumbrian military veterans she stepped into their shoes for four days.

Nicky Lavery is looking to evolve the First Step services for our military veterans.  First Step offers talking therapies, however there are additional services available to further support military veteran’s transition back into the community, and they are right here in Cumbria.

One of these services is Future for Heroes (F4H), who run a free four day course at Brathay Hall in Ambleside which follows the principles ‘learn from the past’, ‘live in the present’, and ‘plan for the future’, it includes both team building outdoor activities and classroom based exercises.

Nicky attended this course which provided her with an insight as to how the Military Veteran clients from across Cumbria who access our First Step service could benefit from taking part, she said:

’By  attending the F4H course I gained a greater understanding of the challenges faced by those when  leaving the armed  forces, and  at the same time  I was  inspired by the resourcefulness and determination  of those who have served to move forward into civilian life. This course provided the opportunity to channel those strengths’

Nicky added:

‘The F4H course compliments the service we offer in First Step, if veterans would benefit from F4H we can refer or signpost to F4H to further support their transition into civilian life. In turn, if F4H felt that a veteran on the course would benefit from First Step they can recommend the service to them.’

Cumbrian military veterans can self-refer to First Step, information on how to do this can be found here. They can also self-refer to the F4H course, currently there are eight of these planned for 2016, they are free and include accommodation and food, for more information click here.