Be part of Wigton Community Hospital’s exciting development

Wigton Hospital is entering into a new, exciting phase of development from an inpatient unit to Community Health and Well Being Hub.

The hub will provide a range of services that will mean lots of people will be able to receive treatment and advice locally instead of travelling to Carlisle, Whitehaven or even further afield.

In order to make the Hub as diverse as possible the Trust is now asking other services if they would be interested in using the space they have to develop the hub.

Yannick Raimbault is the senior network manager for community services in the west of the county. He explained:

“We are welcoming expressions of interest from teams, services, groups and organisations who would like to be involved in the Community Hub.

“We would like to work with as many complimentary providers of health, care and support services as possible. The purpose of this ‘expressions of interest’ process is so we can gauge interest and prioritise services that will bring the greatest benefits to local people in terms of improving health and care outcomes.

“We will have facilities to provide clinical services in a ward setting as well as private clinical consultation rooms, more generic consultation rooms suitable for things like 1-1 meetings with clients and also a larger multi-purpose space for group sessions and meetings.”

The building will also be the location of the Keswick and Solway Integrated Care Community Coordination hub which will be the information centre managing community health and care referrals and Multi-disciplinary meetings. It is anticipated that a large percentage of local community health and care staff will use the hub as their office base.

Yannick added:

“Some groups have already asked if they can have use of a hot desk for example, or you may wish to run a regular service from one of our consultation rooms. You may wish to have a presence in the hospital when clinics are on so you have an opportunity to meet people and explain how your service can support them.”

If you are interested please contact

Diane Blackburn at Wigton Hospital, Fellwood Unit, Cross Lane, Wigton, CA7 9DD email: