Chief exec tells of hopes and fears for the future at Annual Meeting

At Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s annual members meeting Claire Molloy, chief executive, spoke frankly to Trust members about the tough road ahead and how partnership working and looking after staff is the key.

Using a different format for the meeting Claire was interviewed by Dr John Howarth, the director for service improvement, and he asked her about the future of the organisation she said:

“I think it’s important that we recognise that things need to be different but I do believe that our strategy sets the right way to go. We need to continue to put the emphasis on improvement but also make sure that our staff are supported to do this. We need to focus on the assets we have and that means our staff but also our communities; as a Trust there’s only so much we can do ourselves. We need to work with our partners and especially the public to deliver the best, safest and most effective service.”

She talked about her hopes for the future where communities and services work together to deliver the most appropriate services for the population:

“We need to make the most of our collective resources and next year we are looking at developing integrated care communities – 12 across the county. These are where you start with the patients and their needs and you wrap the services they need around them so each of the communities have the right and most appropriate services for their needs. Partnership working is clearly the key to making this work”

Her biggest fears?

“I want people to stay for the journey, if people don’t we won’t make it which is why I am certain that we need to look after the individual first and then our partnerships will make us stronger.”

Her hopes?

“My main hope  is that we can deliver our ambitions, I hope we make the most of our talent and partnerships and that people stay with us for this journey.”

Following the main presentations the full board and non-executive members welcomed questions from the audience. One question asked how the Trust is addressing the huge recruitment issue. Dr Andrew Brittlebank Medical director said:

“This is a massive challenge across the health economy for all partners.  We are working with other organisations to address this for example the ‘Choose South Cumbria’ initiative. We are also now starting an international recruitment drive but we are absolutely clear that those we recruit must have the right skills, abilities and that they share our values.

“As far as retention goes we need to be able to give our staff the right development opportunities and our organisational development strategy is trying to address this. Evidence shows that people who train in rural areas tend to stay in rural areas and that is why we are working closely with local schools and universities to get the right courses in place for our future NHS workforce. It’s clearly important that we look long term.”

The meeting took a new approach to explaining how the year had been by producing a new bulletin that presented their financial situation, the work of the patient experience team, the importance of volunteers, the highs and lows of their services over the last year, how issues were addressed and the success stories of staff, teams and partnerships.

All of these videos are now available to watch on the Trust website.

Film 1: Following an introduction of our past year (2014 /2015) CPFT News presenters Marti and Kate explain the role of the patient experience team, the valuable work of our volunteers and the importance of our governors.

Film 2 : CPFT News presenters introduce the financial picture from the last year (2014 /2015) and managers give an overview of the highs and lows of the services within our care groups.

Film 3:  The CPFT News team round off with a look at the successes from across the Trust from the last year (2014 /2015).

A picture gallery is also available to view in Google+.

One of the highlights of the day was a performance of ‘SICK’ by the Beggars Theatre Group. SICK is an interactive performance that aims to educate young children about how to use the NHS services effectively. Queen Katherine primary school were invited along to take part in the production and by the end of the performance the whole audience was joining in with the NHS songs!

Staff also showcased a range of services for members in an interactive exhibition that also highlighted the Trust values (spirit, kindness, ambition and fairness) and also their #amazingpeople, #partnershipworking #sharedknowhow #heartofthecommunity . More than 100 members attended the event and more than 30 services showcased their work.