Love Barrow Families celebrates its 1st year

A project that helps vulnerable families in Barrow celebrated a year of success.

The pilot project called Love Barrow Families, launched in 2013, between Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Cumbria County Council. The project is designed to improve the way that adult and child health and social care services work together to meet the complex needs of some families in Barrow.

A parent being supported by Love Barrow Families explained why this project is so important to her and her family saying:  “Since being with Love Barrow, I’ve had so much support, up until then everything was a struggle and I did not know which way to turn,  it was emotionally draining and sending me into deeper depression. But now I have the Love Barrow team, they have been very supportive to me, my husband and my children.  They are always there to talk to.   They have truly helped me and my family through rough times and if it wasn’t for them I don’t know how I would have managed.  Thank you Love Barrow for all that you have done for us”.

Another parent said: “They don’t judge me, that’s why it works”. 

Trina Robson, Love Barrow Families Project Lead from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, opened the event saying: “It’s been hard work, but it has been very valuable working with 19 families and more than 30 children over the past year”.  Trina went on to say: “ I’m so happy that this event is giving families that helped us develop the model, the opportunity to meet the families that are currently being supported and benefiting from this project”.

Dr Sara Munro, Director of Quality and Nursing said: “I didn’t want the session to end; I would have loved to continue hearing about all the positive work that’s being going on in Barrow, and look forward to hearing about the continued work in the future.  I had tears in my eyes seeing how the project has helped these families”.

Love Barrow Families recently received a grant for £90,000, from Lankelly Chase Foundation which has enabled the project to run for a further year. 

Anne Burns, County Councillor, thanked the Lankelly Chase Foundation and said: “We need more funding like this from outside organisations”.  She went on to say:  “There is a need for more projects like Love Barrow Families to be embedded throughout Cumbria not just here in Barrow”.  

Julian Corner, Chief Executive from Lankelly Chase Foundation attended the celebration event and said:  “Thank you for the privilege in allowing us to work in partnership with you.”

Trina Robson wrapped up the conference by thanking the staff from Love Barrow Families and most importantly the families that have been involved.