The Community Rehabilitation Team gets Sylvia back on her feet

The extra support that Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust’s community rehabilitation team gave to a Carlisle lady has meant that she is no longer house bound and has regained some of her independence.

89 year old Sylvia Sharpe was referred to the Community Rehabilitation Service (CRS) following discharge home from a Community Hospital.

Because of her condition when she came home she needed a lot of support. A care agency helped her four times a day with washing, dressing, making meals and other basic tasks. Sylvia was unable to get upstairs to her bedroom, slept in a hospital bed downstairs, was unable to stand independently and was housebound. The support that she received from the rehabilitation team meant all that was about to change and she would be able to get some independence back.

Sylvia explained: “I needed a hoist when the ladies first came, I wasn’t happy and it was really hard to do things. They (CRS) really persevered and helped me do things. I didn’t like sleeping downstairs or not being able to use my own toilet. Now I can use my stair lift to get upstairs and go out with my daughter in the car and do things.”

Nikki Bell Physiotherapist said: “Sylvia is a very determined lady, she knew exactly what she wanted to achieve and made fantastic progress. Working with Sylvia has been a pleasure and rewarding for all involved.”

With the support from the staff in the CRS team Sylvia no longer needs her stand aid, can dress, wash and make her own meals. She is now sleeping in her own bed and can use the stair lift independently. She is more independent, able to go out with her family and feels much happier that she is living life a bit more, having less frequent visits and not stuck at home all day. She is having a wet room installed in her home and the staff at CRS can return to do an assessment to ensure Sylvia is comfortable and safe whilst using this.