Specialist Breast Feeding Health Visitors gains two new members

Health visitors Diane Clark from Kendal and Fiona Sim from Appleby have been appointed Specialist Breast Feeding Health Visitors.

This role oversees the implementation of the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) breast feeding policy and the Baby friendly Initiative (BFI) for health visiting services, improving breast feeding rates in Cumbria.

As Specialist Breast Feeding health visitors, Diane and Fiona will be a part of a Breast feeding steering group which will be led by Public Health Cumbria County Council and our NHS partners to ensure a coordinated approach.

Diane and Fiona are therefore be responsible for developing a Cumbrian breast feeding Policy, training staff on breast feeding and relationship building to BFI standards. They will ensure all staff have an annual update on breast feeding, and provide  advice and support to staff on managing clients breast feeding challenges, and ensure women have the support to breast feed as long as they wish.

Diane and Fiona are looking forward to this new challenge! Their posts are three days each every week and they will continue to work the other two days health visiting and maintaining their clinical practice with breast feeding mothers.

Further information

The BFI is a worldwide programme from the World Health Organisation and UNICEF which focuses on the health and wellbeing of all babies, with an aim to improve the standard of care for breast feeding within health care settings.  A strong mother-baby relationship is the foundation for a baby’s future health and well-being; Breast feeding supports this loving bond and makes a vital difference to both the health of the mother and baby.

The UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative has developed standards for maternity, neonatal, health visiting and children’s centre services. Diane and Fiona will be co-ordinating the process for the Health Visiting service, this process is lengthy and involves being assessed by UNICEF through 3 stages eventually leading to the award of BFI accreditation.