Student Nurse from Germany placement in Out of Hospital Care Team

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Out of Hospital Care Team in Carlisle welcomed Alice Koch; Student Nurse aged 23 from Germany.

She is the first student on a community placement from the Erasmus+  project which is an EU programme for education and training and collaboration between Universities. She is a second year student on a 5 week placement with Out of Hospital and then hopes to move on to other community nursing teams.

Alice explained “I would definitely recommend this to others. I applied for the placement and had to meet criteria standards to be able to take part.  I have gained valuable experience working with patients at end of life care. Community nursing is very different from working in a hospital ward in Germany. You have the opportunity build a closer relationship with patients, seeing them in their own home environment. I have also gained further knowledge working with Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists as part of the assessment of patient care.

The Out of Hospital Care Team have integrated me into their team, treated me an equal, open to showing me new things, asking me about my experience and knowledge. This validates the work I have done. They have also included me in activities outside of work which has been invaluable.

After qualifying I want to travel and work in other countries; possibly crisis areas. This has been part of the learning experience to integrate in a new environment, new language and meet new people. I am pleased to say it worked!!”

Wendy Marshall, Team Leader from Out of Hospital Care Team said “Alice has grasped every opportunity offered to her. She is very, very keen to learn and a credit to her training department in Germany. We didn’t know what to expect as this is a new experience for the team. Alice has integrated really well and gained a wealth of experience in the wider health care environment of Carlisle and surrounding areas at a time where there are planned changes on the way we deliver care. Star student”

Sabine Helbig from the Bonn University said: “Alice was one of the students chosen because she fulfils our criteria for the ‘Erasmus+ internship abroad’ in European countries. These criteria are about her motivation for such an internship, funding, and results in the theoretical, practical nursing education, social competences, language skills and low absenteeism.  Alice preferred to have the internship in an English speaking country, together with our Cooperation partner, the Medical University in Hannover, we have chosen Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for her.
For our training school the “Erasmus+ internship” is a big project. It is an important motivator for our students. It is all about the intercultural learning and getting an insight of different European nursing cultures. Secondly, students come back more open minded and with the knowledge of how nursing is done differently in other countries. As a result, they are much more open and creative for developing and implementing ideas for changes in their departments here at home in Bonn, Germany. In addition, it is much easier for them to communicate and work with all the international patients and colleagues, who we have in our huge university hospital.