Physical Health Psychology

We support people with long-term conditions to manage the impact of the condition upon their life. This includes considering the interaction between the long term condition and the person's thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We offer interventions based on guidelines published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), who recommend treatments based on evidence from research.

People referred to the Physical Health and Rehabilitation Psychology Service fall into two broad categories. Firstly, people who are having difficulties managing their long term condition. Secondly, people who have developed a secondary psychological problem due to the events surrounding living with a long term condition.

We provide assessment, suggest strategies and support people to adjust psychologically to living with a long-term condition. In some instances the service may also be open to family members of those living with a long-term condition. We offer support with difficulty coming to terms with diagnosis, especially where this may include:

  • end of life issues;
  • low mood, anxiety and stress caused by living with and managing the illness;
  • uncertainty about future prognosis and treatment
  • maintaining control over your life;
  • adjusting to life with the condition and worries about how the illness is affecting those closest to you;

Listed below are some websites which provide information on the psychological effects of long term conditions and resources to help reduce the effect on your quality of life.

Condition specific websites

Self-help websites

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have some good leaflets on anxiety and low mood and depression. Click here to go to the website.