Prison Physical Health

We provide physical health nursing services to the inmates of Haverigg Prison. The prison holds up to 644 Category C & D male prisoners.

The primary healthcare services offered include immunisation and screening programs, wound care, venepuncture and blood-borne virus testing. In addition, we provide a Hepatitis C service, closely linking in with secondary care. We provide chronic disease clinics for conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD and cardiac risk assessments clinics to inmates. There is also a physiotherapist, an optician, a podiatrist and GUM service on site.

We also provide acute care to patients as necessary and this includes responding to emergency situations. We advocate for patients and ensure their wellbeing during control and restraint.

Mental health services are provided within the prison but are delivered by Greater Manchester West Trust. GP services are also provided by a local practice.

All of our staff who provide care within Haverigg have had bespoke training to ensure that their risk of harm is minimised and that they can provide care safely and effectively. This includes a full day training session provided by the prison service.

What our patients have said about us:

You offer a good service all the staff are friendly and helpful

Contact Information

HMP Haverigg
North Lane
LA18 4NA
Tel: 01229 713094 / 713153