Charitable Funds

What are charitable funds?

In accordance with charity law, the trustee administers the Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust Charitable Funds for the general public good and is exclusively charitable. Requests for equipment or initiatives will, where funds allow, be supported covering a variety of remits, particularly:

  • Enhancing the patient environment with additional furnishings and services
  • Patient specific expenditure on therapeutic and entertaining games and outings
  • Staff and service development, including recognising and supporting staff training  

How are they governed?

The Charitable Funds held and administered by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are registered with the Charity Commission as one registered charity (Registration Number 1097632), and as such are governed by Charity Law and Regulation. The Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Board are the corporate trustee of the charity, though day to day management of the funds has been delegated to senior managers employed by the Trust.

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Making a donation

You can choose how you would like to help, all donations are gratefully received.

Donations are often gifted for a specific ward or service, but general donations are particularly helpful as they can be used wherever the need is most pressing.

You can donate in the following ways:

  • Complete the donation form and return it via post to the Trust with the donation (To gift aid to your donation you just need to complete the relevant section on our donation form)
  • Complete a standing order form to make regular donations and return it via post or e-mail to the Trust
  • Make a cash or cheque donation which can be handed to the cashier’s offices at Carleton Clinic, and Whitehaven General Hospital, or to a Manager on any Trust site.
  • Donate through your will by leaving a legacy/bequest to the Trust

Gift Aid

When making a donation please consider Gift Aid. Gift Aid is a Government scheme which enables us to claim back 25p from the Inland Revenue for every £1 donated at no additional cost to the donor. This would make your donation even more valuable to us.

The only stipulation is that Gift Aid can only be reclaimed by the Charity if you are a UK taxpayer.

To gift aid our donation you just need to complete the relevant section on our donation form. 

Who to contact if you have any more questions?

If you wish to contact us regarding any aspect of the Charitable Funds, please write to the following address or email

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Financial Services
Portland Place
CA11 7QQ