Our Nurse Safe Staffing Levels

As of the 1st of May 2014 all NHS Inpatient areas are required to publish their registered and non-registered nurse staffing levels. This is to allow the public to easily monitor the performance of any Trust and make informed decisions about their care.

Nurses, midwives and care staff are part of a wider team of healthcare professionals providing patient care. Often working alongside therapists, specialist nurses and psychologists, they play an important role in providing high quality and safe care to patients.

Safety of care relates to a number of factors, including the skills and experience of staff and the different needs of patients in their care. Each ward manager works closely with the Director of Nursing to make decisions about staff requirements for each shift, and ensure patient needs can be met. The number of staff required at any time is called the planned staffing number.

Sometimes the actual staffing number is below the planned number. This may be the result of staff sickness, or because there is a lower number of patients on the ward than usual, so staff have been moved to work in another area.

Sometimes the actual staffing number will be higher than the planned number. This may be because there are a lot of patients on the ward who need extra care because of their physical or mental health condition.

Some hospitals will be unable to meet their staffing needs with permanent staff all of the time on every shift.

Information about staffing levels alone cannot tell you whether a hospital is safe or unsafe, but a regular lower percentage of the planned staff being in place is a cause for concern.

*Data is published monthly after sumbission to NHS England (10 working days after the end of each month)


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