Safeguarding Children and Adults

Safeguarding Children & Adults

Internal and External Contacts

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the safeguarding and welfare of children, families and adults at risk in Cumbria and to full partnership with other member agencies of Cumbria Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) and Cumbria Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB).

The Trust expects employees:

To be alert to the possibility of abuse;
To be aware of indicators of increased risk in families;
To be familiar with referral procedures and sources of advice and support;
To be willing to work with other professionals and agencies when interagency safeguarding procedures have been initiated;
To identify and share relevant information relating to families, in order to protect the vulnerable.

Children referred to services that are identified as subject to child protection care plans will receive priority over any existing waiting list, in recognition of their extra need. This responsibility also applies to staff working primarily with adults who have dependent children that may be at risk because of their parent/carers health or behaviour.

Safeguarding involves a range of activities aimed at upholding an adult’s, child’s or young person’s right to be safe and free from harm. It incorporates the concepts of prevention, empowerment and protection and involves all local agencies taking all appropriate actions to address potential concerns, working to agreed local policies and procedures in full partnership with one other.

Staff are expected to make every effort to discuss areas of concern with patients, referring to other services where available to build the child and family’s resilience. It is extremely important that issues of language and/or disability are addressed to ensure families are both fully able to respond to risk identified, and understand the need for a child or adult protection referral where appropriate.

If You Have Safeguarding Concerns Regarding Children or Adults

On 3rd November 2014 the County Triage service for children changed to Cumbria Safeguarding Hub. The Safeguarding Hub is the way in which any concerns about a child or young person will be assessed and is part of the development of the Triage process. It is multiagency – consisting of professionals from across the LSCB including the police, social care and health professionals. It is the gateway to social care, meaning all referrals for what we know as safeguarding section 47s and child in need section 17s will be made through this route.

What does this mean for health practitioners?

  • There is a single point of contact to other agencies when you have a concern about a child – contact can be made by phone, email, letter or fax;
  • There’ll be a ‘front door’ initial screening process where key information is shared and decisions made about what will happen next, followed by a multi-agency assessment (MASH);
  • You may be asked to provide or source further information, to carry out an Early Help Assessment.

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Internal Contacts - Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Duty Named Nurse - 01228 608887 (Available 9-5)


Urgent advice - if you have an urgent/immediate safety issue then please contact the above number directly for advice.

Routine escalation – please ensure prior to contacting the Duty Named Nurse that there is a discussion with your line manager in regards to a concern about a child or adult at risk. From that discussion the decision will be made to contact the Duty Named Nurse.

External Contacts for Safeguarding

For concerns regarding children, including out-of-hours:

Cumbria Safeguarding Hub - 0333 240 1727

For concerns regarding adults:

Adult Social Care (available 9-5) – please click here to find your local contact.

Out of hours – 01228 526690