Getting involved in research

Clinical staff from various specialties are involved in a number of research projects and evidence based working.  We are committed to encouraging further research and evaluation for the benefit of our patients and will support applications from external researchers to conduct studies here.

The research that is conducted in our Trust can be divided into two categories:

  • Local ‘home-grown’ research: where staff devise, or help to develop, and carry out research projects. This work often leads to publication of the results in reputable scientific journals. For a List of publications by CPFT staff in the last few years, please follow the link.
  • Contribution to National Institute for Health Research ‘National Portfolio’ research: in these instances, our departments help other researchers from e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Newcastle or Glasgow to invite patients to take part in large research studies.

We often have studies ongoing for which we require either patients or volunteers to take part. Please see our ‘Getting involved in Research’ page or the bottom of this page for contact information.

The R&D Department is keen to support research that falls into either category. We are happy to hear from people in the NHS, voluntary sector, private sector, and academia to discuss the potential to collaborate.

Want to know more?

Studies currently live, at least until July 2017, for which we seek patients / volunteers:

Please see our ‘current studies’ web page.

Partnerships and third party involvement

We are currently part of the following alliances and networks, and each of these organisations has their own website for further info:


Our Trust adheres to national guidelines on reviewing and approving research studies. To apply for the approval by Cumbria Partnership NHS FT, studies need to be registered and processed through the IRAS website (Integrated Research Application System). Prior to local Trust approval, research involving patients will have to be approved by both:

Service user and carer involvement

We encourage all researchers to consider effective involvement of service users and carers as partners at each stage of the research process. For good practice on working in partnership with service users and carers, please read the below guide published by the Mental Health Research Network: 

Guidance for Good Practice, Service User and Carer Involvement in the UK Mental Health Research Network

Contact the Research and Development Team

We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our research studies. Without volunteers much of this research wouldn't be possible.

The Research and Development office co-ordinates research at the Trust and supports researchers in their applications for Trust research approval. You can contact us at:

If you are interested in becoming involved you can:


Research and Development Department
Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Ruskin Corridor E27, Carleton Clinic, Cumwhinton Drive
Carlisle, Cumbria CA1 3SX 

More information on current research studies and contact details for individual studies