Patient Experience Feedback

What will happen with your feedback?

We review all of our patient feedback to find out more about how successful our services are. We can highlight areas which are receiving lots of positive feedback, and make sure we deliver that same level of quality across all our sites and servics. We can also find out where there is room for improvement and make sure that is acted upon as soon as possible.

How can you leave your feedback?

All of our inpatient wards have tablet computers available where patients can leave their feedback. Our patients and carers can provide their feedback from anywhere by completing either the inpatient discharge questionnaire if you have recently stayed on one of our inpatient wards, or by completing our adult and childrens community questionaires for any of our other services.

The number of questionnaires completed in March has decreased compared to the month of February:








In March there were 814 completed feedback questionnaires and the overall patient satisfaction score is 93.27% which is a slight decrease from the month of February:









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