Children and Families

Feedback from parents

  • 98% of parents said the location was suitable to your child's needs
  • 98% of parents said the staff were kind and caring
  • 94% of parents said they were involved enough in decisions about their child’s care and treatment

Comments received


How likely are you to recommend our ward/service/clinic to your friends and family if their child needed similar care or treatment

COMMENTS: Please can you tell us why you would/would not recommend us ...

Children’s Dental Services South

Extremely Likely

Wonderful, caring staff

Children’s Occupational Therapy East

Extremely Likely

Very helpful for my daughter.

Children’s Physiotherapy South

Extremely Likely

The hydro therapy was given in a positive way, making the client confident and relaxed; they received the best care and foundations for further improvement through the exercise, hopefully to achieve their best outcomes.

Children’s Speech and Language Service West


I would likely recommend due to the fact that it is the only way to get the help and support which the child needs.

Children’s Dental Services East

Extremely Likely

Very friendly service. Made my child feel at ease.

Children’s Physiotherapy East

Extremely Likely

Excellent physiotherapy session, lots of good information and exercises which will enable me to help my child with her hypermobility. Would benefit from a group session for young children for using the hypermobility exercises.

Children’s Dental Services West

Extremely Likely

Staff were faultless, calm, reassuring, friendly, efficient, lovely. They made a stressful situation, a relaxed one.


Feedback from young people

  • 93% of the young people said the people looking after them were kind
  • 96% of the young people said they felt safe
  • 93% of the young people said they understood what was going to happen



COMMENTS: Please can you tell us why you would/would not recommend us ...

Community Paediatrics South

Very nice

Children’s Physiotherapy South

It was very posh. I hope I can go again lots more times.

Children’s Physiotherapy South

Fun, looks after me with care.

School Nursing South

Very supportive and caring.

School Nursing West

Thank you for letting me come with my grandad to your clinic I was scared to have the injection off school nurse in case I cried.

Children’s Continence Service West

Fantastic team.

Children’s Speech and Language Service East

**** said "**** was good"