eHealth Cumbria

eHealth Cumbria are a group of people working together to transform healthcare through technology.

We're working together with our frontline staff to enable technology & information to be used to support safer, effective & more efficient care across Cumbria.


We support our services

The Trust have invested in new technology to improve the quality of the care that we deliver. The eHealth Cumbria team are here to support our Care Group's so that they get the most out of this new technology to transform their services. Our Trust can’t carry on as we are, new technology must be introduced to improve our services in a way that’s sustainable (and in a way that saves money).

We can’t possibly do this on our own, to get this right we are working closely with our frontline staff. It’s important to do this to make the most of the Trusts limited resources.


Over the next 18 months our Trust will be working towards;

  • an improved IT support service
  • a new (more resilient) IT infrastructure
  • Electronic Patient Records (at the moment a lot of our Patient Records are on paper)
  • A new way of business reporting


This new technology will enable the Trust to run more efficiently, making it a better place to be for our staff and for our patients

Keep up to Date

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