ESR User Guide - Employee Self Service (ESS)

What is Employee Self Service?

ESS gives staff access to their own data held in ESR (Electronic Staff Record). Staff can view their personal, contractual and training details. They can also amend some of the personal data (bank details, address, emergency contact). 

ESR User Guide

What is Employee Self Service?

Logging Onto the ESR Portal and Getting Started

This guide is intended to provide you will an overview of the My ESR Dashboard. The My ESR dashboard is available to all users and the default dashboard displayed when accessing the ESR Portal

Accessing the ESR Portal ESR Portal Login Page The link to access the ESR Portal is or you can access it via the Applications age on the Trust Intranet You can use the link about to access the Portal via the N3 network (within the Trust) or via the Internet (remotely) N3 Login Page – (including smartcard access)

The N3 Login Page:

  • Provides a login via the entry of an N3 Username/Password
  • Provides a login via Smartcard for Smartcard users
  • Provides a link to the forgotten username/password page

Internet only login Page (accessible remotely – at home on your own devices) To be able to access Portal from outside the Trust, once logged into the system via the N3 route you must click on the This will then grant you remote access via internet address or by downloading the 

Requesting Access from Home

Requesting a Password Reset