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We want to inspire staff to take every opportunity to grow, discover, try new things and share best practice for the benefit of our service users and carers.  We feel that in supporting our staff to develop and learn we can build on the skills and knowledge of staff to enhance the quality of care provided by the Trust.  

We have developed pathways for excellence for staff development and patient care.

Training and Education and Medical Education

  • Learning and Development
  • University Partnership and Professional Regulation
  • Research and Clinical Trials
  • The Trust Journal
  • Knowledge management
  • Leadership
  • Management Training
  • Revalidation
  • Care Certificate

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Education and Training

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CLIC is a shared ‘umbrella’ initiative that specifically brings together the education, learning, development and improvement work across health and care in Cumbria.

CLIC is a key vehicle for driving forward the new Cumbria Health and Social Care Alliance, a partnership across all the statutory health and care organisations in Cumbria, signed up to by all Chief Executives, which is designed to transform the integration of health and care services in the county.

CLIC Objectives

  1. Learning together in teams to improve services and save money
  2. Agreeing and adopting a common improvement methodology which we are calling the Cumbria Production System
  3. Developing leaders at every level

The Journal & Clinical Research

The Journal is for our staff, our community and our partners, both in Cumbria and beyond. By learning from each other we can continue to provide even better care for the people we serve. The aims of the journal are to share good practice in clinical, professional and vocational activity relevant to the services and functions of the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Our clinicians are involved in a number of research projects and evidence based working.  We are committed to encouraging further research and evidence based working and will support applications from external researchers to conduct studies here.


We are currently part of the following alliances and networks:

The Foundation Trust works closely with the North West Hub of the Mental Health Research Network. Click here to find out more about research currently being facilitated by the Mental Health Research Network within the Foundation Trust.

Further links and resources

High Quality Care for All (NHS Next Stage Final Report), DH 2008 
The next leg of the journey: How to make 'High Quality Care for All' reality? NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement 
NHS Evidence: Online NHS evidence portal

Fire Officer halves fires across inpatient units

Fire Officer halves fires across inpatient units

Richard has 32 years experience as a Fire Fighter, which has given him the passion and determination to help prevent fires.

Karen leads the way in improving educational programme for respiratory patients

Karen leads the way in improving educational programme for respiratory patients

‘Our own staff have the answers to improve our service – change to services isn’t possible without their involvement in the process.’ “

Dr Sam Dearman writes national training text for Royal College of Psychiatry

Dr Sam Dearman writes national training text for Royal College of Psychiatry

Clinical Director of Medical Education wrote the book after finding a lack of guidance for trainees