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Wednesday 15th August 2018

Welcome to Partnership News, the weekly newsletter produced by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Cumbria County Council.

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Top Stories

This is us Staff engagement events – focus on values 

The next round of the Chief Executive staff engagement sessions are now booked for October. The October sessions will have a focus on our values, as well as providing an update on our work across the system in north and south cumbria and the future of countywide services.

Values have been one of the strongest themes from previous sessions and we need to develop a common set of values across CPFT & NCUH and more widely with our partners.  In September, there will be an event taking place with a cross section of staff across both organisations to develop these.  The values developed at this event will be tested with attendees at the ‘this is us’ events.

So please come along, ask questions, raise any concerns you may have, and share successes.

The dates for the upcoming events are:

  • Thursday 11th Oct | 10.00am – 11.30am | Lecture Theatre, Cumberland Infirmary
  • Wednesday 17th Oct | 10.00am – 11.30am | Kendal Town Hall
  • Thursday 18th Oct | 10:00am – 11:30am | Methodist Church, Penrith
  • Tuesday 23rd Oct | 10:00am – 11:30am | The Forum, Barrow in Furness
  • Tuesday 30th Oct | 2pm – 3.30pm| West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven

To book a place at any of these events, please confirm your place by emailing You can also pop in on the day if you haven’t booked.

This is Us - Trust Business objectives

System working:

Within this priority we have said that we want to concentrate on two main areas across both Trusts:




What have we already done?

  • In maternity, work has started to develop criteria for women from west Cumbria who are more likely to require paediatric intervention and therefore will be advised to give birth in Carlisle (originally estimated at 200 women per year).
  • In Paediatrics, there is positive feedback from the two Short Stay Paediatric Assessment Units (SSPAUs).
  • Hyper-acute stroke unit (HASU) work is ongoing to develop this at CIC and the early support discharge team at WCH.
  • Across the ICCs recruitment continues and we have introduced the hubs across the networks.
  • We are a longstanding partner of Bay Health and Care Partners and help deliver the Better Care Together plan
  • In line with our plan to integrate services, community services in the south of the county have transferred to University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay.

What next?

  • All of the above projects will continue to be developed.
  • Demolition of the tower block at CIC will begin before the end of the year to make way for a new state of the art cancer centre for the whole of north Cumbria.
  • The GP collaborative in north Cumbria will be established paving the way for a new way of working for GPs across the county that aims to make Cumbria a more attractive place for GPs to chose to work. 

Next week we will focus on the business objective Service Quality.



Engaging for Improvement: New “Staff Website”

We have started a project to provide a joint staff website for NCUH & CPFT. We are inviting all staff to input into the project which will launch in November and develop into 2019.

So far 48 staff have had their say about how the new site need to be organised and improved.

Have your say in what would improve things for you and what you would like to see changed.

Complete the Staff Website Survey (The survey will be open until Tuesday 11th September)

If you would like to be involved in workshops /focus goups for the project please register your interest with

Celebrating nursing and midwifery careers

As part of the NHS70 celebrations NHS England has created a short animation to shine a spotlight on careers in nursing and midwifery showing there’s more to it than people think. We’ll be sharing this on our social media channels and using it as a chance promote our current vacancies - so help us get the message out with a like and a share! 

Traineeships  - Could your team help unlock the potential of young people?

We are working in partnership with Cumbria County Council and North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust to introduce a traineeship programme. The programme is designed for young people aged 16-24, and prepares them for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

At the core of a traineeship is a high-quality work experience placement for 16 weeks and we are currently looking for teams who could support this for administration roles.

  • Traineeships allow you to increase your team’s capacity, grow your own loyal, talented workforce, and contribute to tackling youth unemployment.
  • Your team will have the opportunity to build their own mentoring and coaching skills supporting the individual.
  • Training costs will be met by government funding.

If you are interested in supporting a traineeship, or would like to find out more, please get in touch with Natalie Gaston

Safeguarding Adults Review published into the death of Judy Benn 

Cumbria Safeguarding Adults Board (CSAB) has a published a review into the death in 2014 of a 54 year old lady with a learning disability.

A Safeguarding Adults Review is carried out to identify lessons to be learned from the case in respect of how professionals and organisations work together, and to consider how this learning can improve practice for the future. 

The review was completed in October 2015 and the Cumbria Safeguarding Adult Board took the decision at the time to complete the recommendations prior to publishing the review. 

You can read a summary of the report and the full report can be viewed here. 

Useful updates  

Need to book a room for a meeting or find clinical space out in the community?

We know that staff find it difficult to book rooms both internally and externally. To help make this easy, fair and cost effective the Honest about Money team have developed a database with all the information about how and where to access rooms.

For any room booking please first refer to the internal database to find which rooms are available across the county.

If you are unable to find an appropriate room internally, the external room database has bookable rooms which the Trust has negotiated special prices for. You will need your budget code to book these.

Please always try and use the internal rooms where you are able as it all helps to #saveapoundaday 

If you are searching for a specific room or building and can’t find it – please contact us on and we will add the information to the database.

Coming soon: information about how to utilise meeting spaces when working at distance #costconscious 

Continuous improvement support from Cumbria Learning and Improvment Collaborative (CLIC)

Following on from John Howarth’s guest blog on Friday 3rd August, where John talked about current work and reducing waste, CLIC would like to introduce you to the ‘Waste Wheel’. Eliminating waste allows us to take control and enhance our working life by creating more time to do what we are here to do, which is  improve the patient experience and deliver safe, effective care. The ‘Waste Wheel’ can help us to identify those opportunities which will increase the time we have available to care for patients  - or free up time to support our colleagues who are caring for patients.

It is relevant to clinical and non-clinical areas and highlights eight types of waste, which once identified, can be reduced or removed. Find out more about the waste wheel. 

CLIC offers several free courses where you can learn more about reducing waste and increasing time to care. If you would just like to have a conversation about how to get some ideas on how to release more time to care, send  an email to and they will be happy to help.

All jobs are adding value to our patients therefore it is important everybody has the time to focus on the most important aspects of their role.

Unusual Phone calls

Some of our staff have been receiving phone calls asking for specific staff's personal details, including their NMC number and qualifications. If you receive a call this this please do not give out any patient or staff details, if you are concerned please contact the Information Governance Team.

IG have given this advice:

If you receive a call asking for personal details, please check that any callers, by telephone or in person, are who they say they are. There can be a significant risk of harm to a patient or staff through impersonation by those seeking information improperly. Seek official identification or check identity by calling them back (using an independent source for the phone number). Check also that the caller has a legitimate right to have access to that information.  Staff are to seek advice from IG if they need to share patient/person-identifiable information without the consent of the patient/identifiable person’s consent, record the decision and any action taken.

Charges for non-UK residents 

As a Trust, we will soon start charging overseas patients who are not legally entitled to free NHS treatment in the UK. Though the numbers we treat in this category are small, charging these patients will deliver revenue back in to the Trust, and back in to patient care. North Cumbria Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH) already have well established processes in place to recover charges in their Trust, and we’re working closely with their team, to identify and charge overseas visitors at CPFT.


The NHS is a residency-based healthcare system and the Trust has a legal obligation to identify patients who are not eligible for free NHS treatment


“Ordinarily resident” is an individual who is living in the UK on a lawful, voluntary and properly settled basis.  It is not linked to nationality or a particular immigration status

What do I need to do differently?

MIU Units:

Please ask all patients where they have resided for the past six months. If the patient declares this to be outside of the UK then please put the patient’s details into an email and send to the email box below.

Inpatient wards

If it is brought to your attention that a patient is not ordinarily resident in the UK then please send the patient’s details to the email box below, even if the patient has been discharged. The Data Quality team will provide you with NHS posters to display in your waiting areas.

Email address for overseas visitors:

For initial enquires please contact Gill Coward: Data Quality Manager CPFT. For all other enquiries please email the overseas mailbox and one of the team will get back to you.

New code for language line as of Friday 17th August 2018

As of this Friday, there will be a new code for Language Line ( face to face and telephone in Interpreters)

You can start using the new code (310156) on Wednesday 15th August 2018, the old code will be deactivated on Friday.

Please refer to the help sheet for more information.

BRASH service for scales at community hospitals

A BRASH engineer will attend the WCH on Wednesday 22nd August and Workington Community Hospital, Cockermouth Cottage Hospital and Maryport Victoria Cottage Hospital on Thursday 23rd August to check and service all patient scales for the Annual Calibration Certificates.

Please could all departments ensure their scales are available to be inspected during this period.

Safeguarding Update

Staff can find safeguarding advice and information on the Safeguarding website.

For Urgent Safeguarding advice;

First contact your Quality & Safety Lead or your Associate Director of Nursing for advice Click here for contact details.

For further support and advice please contact: Children's Safeguarding Hub (County Wide) 0333 240 1727

Adult Social Care

Out of Hours - after 5pm and weekends

Cumbria Partnership Trust internal support via Bronze on call - Carleton Clinic Switchboard on 01228 60200

For non-urgent enquiries staff can email the Safeguarding Team email at and a Safeguarding Nurse will follow this up from Monday 3rd September.

Please note there will be no Safeguarding Duty Telephone service between Friday 17th August and Monday 3rd September 2018. The Safeguarding Duty Line will resume service Monday 3rd September and will continue Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (exc Bank Holidays)

New email addresses for each Sexual Health clinic

We now have a generic NHS.Net email address for each Sexual Health clinic. NHS net emails are checked daily.

Removal of 118 numbers from Cisco phones

A high number of calls to 118 numbers has been identified on the Trust phone bills. The costs for these add up to around £600 per month on average. Some individual 10 minute calls have caused charges of £60+ to the Trust. As these calls have all come from internal phones where there is normally a PC available. It should be possible to use the online BT phone book to find numbers at no cost.

It has been agreed that as a cost improvement, 118 numbers have been blocked from the Trust phone system from the 6th August 2018. A Clinical Quality Impact Assessment has been completed and agreed. Please use the site above for finding external phone numbers. Also please use this for any other type of phone call such as mobiles.

Learning new skills at Hawes End Centre

The Copeland CMHART Recovery Through Activity Group (RTA) recently received funding for an activity away day at Hawes End Centre. RTA focusses on goal setting and helping service users to develop new skills, increase their motivation and get more involved within their own community. The away day gave those who attend the group a chance to try something new and everyone had a lot of fun. Jo Alderson, Assistant Practitioner who co-facilitates the group, explained:

“Activities such as archery and rowing allowed everyone to work as a team; developing communication and problem solving skills. For many it was about overcoming fears so there was a huge sense of achievement and everyone got a lot out of it. We work with individuals from the start to set meaningful goals for them and the away day was a chance to put a lot of what they had learned into practice.”

Pay on exit barriers at CIC

Work has started on pay on exit barriers to patient visitor car parks at CIC. The barriers will be installed on car park A (main patient car park) and car park C (near A&E), and the work is expected to be completed in October. Once the barriers are installed and working, staff will no longer be able to park in barriered areas without purchasing a pay on exit ticket. No staff areas will have barriers and staff will need to continue to display their permits.

The barriers will not only allow patients and visitors to pay for their parking on exit but also introduce card payments, providing a quicker and easier method of payment.

A section at the bottom of car park A will be made staff only parking once the barriers are completed to compensate for the loss of staff spaces in car park C. If you have any questions please contact

Barriers at WCH will be looked into once the redevelopment work has finished.

Winter preparedness

Winter poses many challenges to the health and social care system. For example, this year’s ‘Beast from the east’ saw the county covered in a thick blanket of snow which raised many challenges for our services, staff and patients. In addition to the climatic challenges winter also poses challenges in terms of increased activity across all services and our ability to effectively manage flow through these services. Our resilience team are hosting a winter preparedness event on Thursday 27 September to ensure that we are all ready for winter 2018-19.

The all-day event, at the Greenhills Hotel, Wigton, will hear from guest speakers from the Met Office, North West 4x4 Response, NHS England and Electricity North West and look at the lessons we can learn from winter 2017-18 and look forward to winter 2018-19. There will also be activities which will help to prepare you, your staff and your services for the challenges ahead this winter.  

This event is open to all health and care staff. Please email to confirm your place. 

Community Grants Programme for voluntary groups 

The NHS England community grants programme awards grants of up to £2,500 to a number of projects that showcase good practice around patient and citizen involvement in healthcare from voluntary groups. For further details, please visit their website.

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Workforce Update

Pay Award Arrears

Staff on Agenda for Change terms and conditions can expect to receive any arrears relating to the pay award in August’s pay.  The arrears will include back pay from April – June 2018.  Some staff in bands 2, 4 & 5 may have moved up a pension tier due to the increase in their salary.  These adjustments will be reflected in August’s pay.  Some staff may find their arrears will be less than expected due to the increase in pension contribution. If you have any queries about your pay or pension contributions, please call our payroll provider who will be happy to answer your questions. Please click here for further information.

Payroll Provider Changes

From 1st September the payroll provider will change to NHS Payroll Services.  The transfer will not adversely impact on staff and there will be no change in pay dates. Further information to follow including contact details, opening hours and the names of your departmental pay clerks.

Pension Webinars

NHS Shared Business Services have scheduled webinars to help employees and employers understand the process of retiring and claiming benefits from the NHS Pension Scheme and when to submit a retirement  application. This will cover the 1995/2008 and 2015 schemes, how are pensions benefits calculated, normal and early retirement, applying for pension benefits and working after retirement. Dates for the webinars as follows:

  • 16th August  2018 - 6pm to 7.30 pm

Please click here to book onto your webinar of choice.

Please visit the Workforce Weekly updates page for further information regarding the above as well as further updates!

JOIN Our Amazing People

Check out all the latest job vacancies the Trust has on offer.

Share this link with your family & friends on social media & spread the word.

LEAD Our Amazing People

Good leadership, at all levels of the organisation, creates the right culture and environment for staff to deliver great care. We want to embed  positive leadership at every level, regardless of role.

Please look at the leadership pages of staff web to see development opportunities and more

GREAT Teams Great Care

Are you one of the lucky 1000?

1,000 staff have been selected this quarter to tell us how engaged and motivated they feel right now.  Are you one of them?

Check your inbox now to see if you have been selected this quarter to tell us how you feel about working for the Trust. The address to look for is

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and everyone will get a chance to complete it once throughout the year.  Information provided on the survey is confidential and the results will be collated outside of the Trust so that we will be able to see trends but no individual responses.

We know that if staff feel valued, respected and supported, patient care gets even better. This is why we want to hear from you about how supported you feel – as part of your team and by the Trust. To find out more contact the organisational development team -

Examples of 'you said we did!' from the last survey round.  

GROW Your shared know how

Information Governance & Data Security Awareness Training 2018 is now OPEN!

Time flies and it’s that time of year again. Your mandatory Information Governance & Data Security Awareness Training 2018 window is now open; helping you keep information safe and feel more confident when handling patient identifiable data.  All staff have a responsibility to use, store and process information correctly and individuals along with the Trust may be liable for fines if you don’t take the necessary precautions.  Just click on the link and follow the Core Skills eLearning Certifications User Guide, this will explain everything you need to know to access and complete your training.  

We are bound to do this by law. Don’t panic, it doesn’t take long, so get it done today to stay one step ahead of the game. 

The Workforce and OD staff web pages have a range of training  opportunities many of them free. There's also information about health and wellbeing as well as continuous service improvement.

Introduction to Human Factors in Healthcare workshop

Human factors are recognised as an essential part of patient safety and a significant contributor to adverse events in healthcare. They encompass all the factors (environmental, organisational,  job factors, and individual characteristics) that can influence behaviour at work.
This workshop aims to give you an understanding and appreciation of how human factors awareness can create a safer place for patients and a more productive environment for healthcare workers. The training is suitable for those new to Human Factors as well as those who would like to refresh their existing knowledge
By the end of the day you will have a greater understanding of:
  • The principles of Human Factors and why errors occur
  • The relevance of Human Factors to the improvement of quality and safety in healthcare
  • Human Factors as a ‘way of thinking’ about every day work and how it relates to patient care
  • How to identify potential Human Factors errors and ways to mitigate them to improve patient safety in your own areas

CBT Taster Day 

Have you ever found yourself with a patient who seems stuck, distressed, or struggling to cope and been unsure how best to help? If so, join the CBT taster day workshop, topics covered include:

  • CBT first-aid skills to integrate into your practice
  • A  framework for communicating and understanding problems
  • Confidence in handling difficult conversations and strong emotions

There will be an introductory 1-day course on Tuesday 11th September r 2018 at Castle Street Centre, Kendal, there is a £1o charge. Application form. 

There will also be an intermediate 6-day course in Penrith, the start of the course will be on the 25th September 2018. There is a £100 charge. Application form. 

For more information or to book on contact: Physical Health Psychology Admin: 


OutReach Cumbria - Working supportively with Gender Diversity

New dates have been announced for the 'working supportively with gender diversity' workshop,

Along with guest speakers Debbie Wood, Talking Therapies Lead OutReach Cumbria and Karen Pollock, Counselling in Northumberland, there will be lots of interesting topics covered such as:

  • Understanding Gender - an explanation of why there is more to gender than 'man' and 'woman'
  • Trans Mental Health - Disordered or Oppressed?
  • Trans Physical Health – Surgery & Beyond
  • Making a Difference - Getting it right for trans people.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday 14th November 2018, 9:30 - 12:30pm at Harraby Community Centre, Edgehill Road Carlisle CA1 3SN.

For more information or to book a place please email your name, job title and base to: by Wednesday 31st October 2018

Caldew School Year 11 Work Ready Day Tuesday 4 December 2018, 1pm – 3.15pm

Caldew School, just outside Carlisle, are now in the process of planning the above event and they have requested some support in delivering the activities.

The Year 11 Work Ready Day involves an afternoon of approximately five mock interviews with students and giving them feedback afterwards as to how they performed. This event gives students the experience of the interview process and gets them thinking about employment/training opportunities and the skills required.

If you are interested in attending and being an interviewer, or if you have any further questions, please contact: email / tel: 01228 710044 ext 290. 

Rainbow Day - Add a splash of Colour for Cumbria Pride

On Friday 7th September 2018 you can donate  £1 to wear your bright colours to work, from colourful socks to frocks. All proceeds go to Cumbria Pride. 

Please seek management permission. Contact:

#10kForNurses What will you do?

#10kForNurses is back and it’s bigger, better and braver than before! Whether it’s getting active for 10k steps a day, picking up the pace and running a 10k in your local area or baking 10,000 calories for a bake sale. You can do 10k your way! Fundraise this October and give hope to nurses in hardship.

Get your free fundraising pack full of information and inspiration to kick start your fundraising. Or book your spot on one of our challenges! Visit the #10kForNurses website today
Get in touch at or 01527 595 999. More information can be found here. 


For our staff from our staff 



Helen Honeyman is running the Great North Run in memory of a friend

Helen Honeyman, our Highly Specialised Psychological Therapist is running the Great North Run this year in memory of a dear friend and colleague, Helen said: 

“I am running in the Great North Run this year and am doing so in memory of the lovely Kathryn Trueman who  was part of the CPFT Physical Health Psychology team for far too brief a period. She died in January 2018.  She embodied all that is best about our team.  Kathryn had worked in First Step and other parts of mental health services in Cumbria over many years as well as in North Yorkshire.  Other members of her family have also given many years to working with people living with mental health problems in Cumbria.

My memories of Kathryn are first and foremost her wonderful inclusive laughter and her endless enthusiasm and energy  so I will be thinking of her on my way around the course – I will need some of that humour and energy to get me to the finishing line. Helen's fundraising page can be found here.

Money raised for Footsteps Child Development Centre 

£567.70 has been raised for the Footsteps Child develoment Centre. The money was raised in a darts match which Heather Edmondson, one of our community nursery nurses along with David Rowlandson whose grandaughter attends the centre. Well done to all involved!

Fire Safety Training Feedback 

We have had some very positive feedback regarding our fire training during the corporate induction, one of our new staff members who attended the induction said:

''I had my induction today at the Carlton Clinic, part of this was a mandatory talk on fire by Richard Pape, fire officer for the partnership. It was very inspiring and he spoke with passion. On my return home I could hear a beeping noise, initially I thought it was in my house , perhaps a watch alarm. However I could also smell burning. As I live in a Victorian terrace I put my ear to the wall and could tell it was from next door, where my 90 year old neighbour lives. I could not rouse her. Luckily her relatives live around the corner so I managed to get someone with a key, as we opened the door the smoke as Richard said in the induction was toxic, she had managed to get herself outside in the back yard but the oven was on fire. Had I not had the talk off Richard today, I would have ignored the beeping smoke alarm (putting it down as something else) and life would have been threatened and property without doubt. ''

Richard Pape, our Lead Fire Officer said: 

The feedback we've received from new staff on their induction training is consistently very positive which is a credit to the trainers and the Trust in promoting a strong culture of the importance of  fire safety in the NHS. 

Well done to Richard!

Congratulations to Kelly Rourke on her Degree

Congratulations to Kelly Rourke, our Senior Community Nurse in the Specialist Community Learning Disability Team, Lillyhall for gaining her Bsc Degree with Honours in Behavioural Analysis and Intervention from Edge Hill University. Kelly's team would like to congratulate her for all her hard work and amazing achievement, they are all very proud, well done Kelly!

Staff training for Kentmere Ward staff

Health Care Assistants who work on the Kentmere ward recently received some physiological observations training to assist them with their role. The training was focused upon anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems where the team learned about:

  • How to accurately measure vital signs
  • Normal and abnormal readings
  • How to record and report findings
  • Sepsis screening

This was a new concept for many of the team but the response from the qualified staff on the ward was brilliant, one member commented:

“It was with a great sense of team spirit that qualified nurses helped sign off my competencies and gave me positive feedback. I continue to utilise the skills gained as I am a great believer in having a hands on approach which helps you consolidate learning and refine technique.’’

The ward manager Maggs Quin said:

“The training makes a real difference to the quality of care for patients, it helps staff to feel confident to accurately monitor physical observations and will have a huge impact on patient care. Being able to raise concerns early and recognising a deteriorating patient will help to prevent patients from becoming seriously unwell.”

“The training was open to all staff to attend regardless of grade, the Health Care Assistants staff on Kentmere tend to be the ones that monitor physical health so it was ideal for them to attend.”

The Clinical Skills team currently deliver workshops on Physiological Observations, Cannulation & IV therapy, Catheterisation, Verification of Expected Death and Ongoing care of NG Tubes for staff within CPFT and NCUHT. Details can be found on

Lease Cars available for transfer

Please see the latest cars available for lease, Whilst these cars are used they are not necessarily cheaper to lease than a new car, but it does offer the opportunity to join the Trusts car schemes for a shorter period of time (i.e. to the end of the existing contract). For more information or to obtain a quote for the lease car scheme and salary sacrifice car scheme please email Tony Bellingham and provide all the personal information requested at the top of the above link.

NHS Discounts

Top 5 NHS and Healthcare Discounts for August

The Health Service Discounts team have been busy searching their huge range of deals to bring you the Top 5 NHS Discounts for August. We’ve put together our best deals to give NHS Trust staff savings across travel, fashion, beauty and home insurance.

Our discounts are exclusive to Health Service Discounts members, it’s free to join and free to use. Spread the word and sign up today!


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