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Thursday 18th October 2018

Welcome to Partnership News, the weekly newsletter produced by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Cumbria County Council.

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Top Stories

First look at emerging joint values – have your say

Stephen Eames has been sharing the first draft of the work to develop a set of joint values between Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group and North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust at the ‘this is us’ staff engagement sessions this week.

The proposed values, and behaviours framework that sit behind it will be important in creating the right culture for staff as we continue to work more closely together.  There has been some healthy debate and discussion over at least two of the proposed values, so now is the time to have your say.  For detailed information, please review this presentation either individually or in your teams and feedback your thoughts by the 15th November to  We expect to finalise the joint values early in the new year once we have received feedback from all organisations and it is approved by respective boards. Please view this power point presentation which has more details about the values work up to now and information about the behaviours that would be expected to show the values in everyday work life.

Staff Engagement sessions begin

The first 'This Is Us' event was held in Carlisle last week. Staff made some great suggestions on the work taking place to develop a joint set of values all of which is being collated and fed back to the organisational development team who are leading that piece of work. 

Chief Executive, Stephen Eames, also gave an update on the big pieces of work happening at the moment.  Staff used the opportunity to raise a number of other issues including involvement of the ambulance service and volunteers, the future of countywide services, people feeling uncertain about structures, electronic patient records, recycling, and car parking.   Sessions continued in Kendal yesterday where staff shared concerns about the future of services in south Cumbria, Stephen will share more on this in his blog.   Come along to the an event in your area to share your views or concerns. 

  • Tuesday 23rd Oct | 10:00am – 11:30am | The Forum, Barrow in Furness  
  • Wednesday 31st Oct | 3pm – 4.30pm | Boardroom, West Cumberland Hospital

To book a place at any of these events, please email You can also pop in on the day if you haven’t booked so make a note of the dates in your diary.

Summit for mental health, CAMHS, learning disability & autism staff

Following feedback from the last CEO staff engagement sessions  in May, Stephen Eames, Chief Executive planned to hold a second summit for staff working within mental health, CAMHS and learning disability services. The first staff summit took place in Penrith and we now have a second session planned in Barrow.

It will be an opportunity for staff to link directly with Stephen about the ongoing work to address the future of those services in more depth.

The summit will take place on Tuesday 23rd October from  2pm – 4pm at The Forum, Barrow.

If you would like to attend, please contact the communications helpdesk via or 01228 603890 so we have an idea of numbers attending.

Have you had your #jabdone?

The flu jab is offering protection against the four common strains of the flu virus, and meets the World Health Organisation and Public Health England recommendations for this season.

Every year the flu vaccine is offered to NHS staff as a way to reduce the risk of staff and patients contracting and transmitting the virus. This year the jab is offering greater protection by providing protection from four different strains of the virus.

New flu strains develop every season which means that you need to get the flu vaccination every year. Frontline healthcare workers are more likely to be exposed to the influenza virus, particularly during winter months when some of their patients will be infected.

Everyone who has their vaccine before the end of October will be entered into a prize draw. This includes everyone who has had their vaccination at the GP or pharmacy, we just ask that staff let us know by emailing: by the end of October.

Prizes include:

  • Star prize: a Spa Day for two at Armathwaite Hall
  • Second prize: 2 x £50 Shopping Vouchers (provided by UNISON)
  • Third prize: 2 x Afternoon Tea for two

In addition, for every staff member who gets their flu jab, we will donate a tetanus vaccine to a child in a developing county via UNICEF. So as well as protecting yourself, your friends, your family and your patients you can also help other children in need.

Have a look at upcoming flu clinics near you, to not only protect yourself but your patients and family too. 

CAMHS, learning disability & autism service transfer to mental health care group

The managerial reporting arrangements for the CAMHS, learning disability and autism services are transferring to the mental health care group on a shadow basis. This change in reporting has been made to ensure that the programme of work to address the future of those services is managed seamlessly within one care group.

The mental health care group triumvirate will carefully plan how services will move into the care group to ensure governance and will share details with staff as appropriate.

During this time all other staff will retain their current reporting arrangements.  We are not looking to change any service delivery model with this change and will be maintaining integrated working arrangements where they currently exist.

Staff in those services have been sent a letter from Gary O Hare, Executive Director for mental health and learning disabilities and will be briefed through their usual line management routes.

There is also an opportunity to raise any concerns at the Chief Executive summit for mental health, CAMHS and learning disability staff on 23rd October in Barrow, or in one of the Chief Executives ‘This is Us’ engagement sessions.


Calling all nurses and midwives

Two NHS Trusts in Cumbria are inviting nurses and midwives who want to progress their careers to attend an innovative recruitment day this November.

Nurses and midwives at all stages of their career – from those considering the professions and students soon to graduate to those looking to return to practice or simply make their next career move – are all encouraged to attend.

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are hosting the recruitment day at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. They will be joined by the University of Cumbria so health professionals of the future can hear first-hand about training and working in Cumbria. The full story is on our website.

Speaker to address passive smoking outside Cumberland Infirmary

A new speaker system has been installed at the Cumberland Infirmary to tackle the effects of passive smoking on patients and visitors to the hospital.

The speaker, activated by a button placed inside the main entrance, will play one of eight pre-recorded messages asking patients and visitors to the hospital not to smoke anywhere on Trust property and especially at the main entrance.

The move comes following feedback from patients and visitors that they regularly are required to pass through second hand smoke when visiting or leaving the hospital.  It is one of the top concerns raised through the Trust’s patient access and liaison service. Full story on the news pages of north Cumbria's website

Valerie Provan: Advanced nursing putting Cumbria on the world map

Advanced nursing roles allow nurses to develop their clinical skills and expertise to support patients, their team and the wider health system. In Cumbria a small number of advanced nursing practitioners and nurse consultants provide an innovative recruitment solution that has been recognised nationally and internationally for the benefits it brings to patient care.

Valerie Provan is a Nurse Consultant on Ruskin Unit, an assessment unit in Carlisle for older adults with organic mental illnesses such as Dementia. It is the only nurse led treatment centre of it's kind in the country and several other trusts have visited to see how it could be replicated elsewhere. Click here for full story

Breakfast cafe and activity programme lifts patients spirits.

A breakfast café and activity programme have been introduced for hospital patients in Whitehaven to support their recovery.

Occupational therapists at West Cumberland Hospital, have introduced a breakfast café where patients go along and make their own breakfast with the support of therapy staff. The activity, which gets patients out of bed and off the ward, is used by occupational therapists to assess patients’ needs and determine the type of support they might need at home.

The kitchen has been given a makeover, with music playing and pictures on the walls, to replicate the home environment.

Patients with Diabetes in south Cumbria to benefit from new devises to help manage their condition

All eight NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Lancashire and south Cumbria have passed two new clinical policies which mean patients with diabetes will now have consistent access to insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices. The two policies are the Provision of Insulin Pumps and the Provision of Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Flash Glucose Monitoring, the latter of which includes the Freestyle Libre® device. These policies ensure that qualifying diabetes patients have equity of access to insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and flash glucose monitors wherever they live in the region, which was not previously the case.

Diabetes specialists in hospitals and other specialists such as Diabetes Specialist Nurses will be responsible for prescribing glucose monitors and are expected to start prescribing them for patients by mid-November, subject to implementation arrangements. Diabetes patients must meet the access criteria, which have been expanded following a public consultation to include patients who are already self-funding these devices, as long as they can demonstrate they would have met the criteria when they began to self-fund.
This also applies to patients who have self-funded insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. The full story is on Morecambe Bay CCG's website 

North Cumbria Health & Care appoints Chief Information Officer

Mark Jones has been appointed to the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) within the North Cumbria Integrated Care System.

Working system-wide, the CIO role helps set and lead the digital strategy, designed to empower and support staff and citizens get the most from digital technology across our NHS providers and commissioners and linking with social care. The full story is here

Health & Wellbeing after a Stroke – A Group for Stroke Survivors in Carlisle & Brampton

Health and wellbeing groups in north Cumbria are helping people living with the effects of stroke to become and stay independent.

The Early Supported Stroke Discharge teams from Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust, are working in partnership with the Stroke Association to provide a four week course which provides practical information and resources for stroke survivors, families and their carers. Read the full article here

PCAS at Westmorland General renamed as Urgent Treatment Centre

The Primary Care Assessment Service (PCAS) at Westmorland General Hospital (WGH) is being renamed as Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) with new signage going up shortly.

The change of name follows the introduction of the new Urgent Treatment Centre National Standard which aims to remove the understandable confusion faced by many patients about which part of the NHS offers which service. This confusion often means that people go to A&E unnecessarily and therefore may not be treated in the best place for them. This then puts unnecessary pressure on parts of the urgent and emergency care system.

The service will continue to offer:

  • A GP led service
  • A service which is open between 8am – 11pm every day of the week, every week of the year.
  • Appointments that can be pre-booked via NHS 111
  • Access to simple diagnostics such as swabs and pregnancy tests
  • Access to x-ray facilities between the hours of 9am – 5pm
  • The ability to issue prescriptions

Along with a range of other services. The full story is on Morecambe Bay CCG's website

Patient care transforming thanks to innovative technology

eMeals L-R Lillian Dickson Clinical Support Worker Patient Graham Winnkitchen Chloe Jo Dudek Student Nurse (2).jpgOver the past 18 months, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) has seen a range of improvements thanks to its increasingly developed Lorenzo Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system.

The EPR is now a golden thread through the way the Trust’s hospitals are run and is being used by staff as soon as a patient enters the hospital via the Emergency Department or Outpatient clinic until they are discharged home. The EPR has revolutionised the way staff work and now means that they can access up-to-date patient information instantly, from anywhere in any of the Trust’s three main hospitals, wherever the patient is.

By reducing the amount of forms and paper needed, the EPR has also saved the Trust a staggering £196,000. More here on UHMBT website

Chief Information Officer for Health and Care visits Morecambe Bay

2018-10-11 16_38_19-Photos.pngWill Smart, the national Chief Information Officer for Health and Care in England, visited the Royal Lancaster Infirmary on Wednesday 3rd October 2018 to learn about the local implementation of Lorenzo Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and how it supports safe clinical care. More here on UHMBT website

Developments in general practice after successful funding bids

NHS leaders in north Cumbria are spearheading two innovative schemes to support general practice. NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been successful in applying for bids to support innovative new schemes in our area.
One initiative will support GP development and retention another will see the addition of clinical pharmacists into general practice.
Read the full story on north Cumbria CCG's website

Useful updates 

Abena systems to be shut down for 2 1/2 hours

On Monday 22nd October Abena, who supply continence products to our continence teams and district nursing teams, will be shutting down their ordering services and phoens lines between 9.30am and 11am.

This is due to a planned power cut to thier building. It means that there will be no access to  Abena Active, the Abena online system or their phone lines, including the professional line, until 11am.

If you need urgent assistance please do not hesitate to contact Laura Murphy, Contract Manager, on 07813 834669

NEWS2 & Electronic observations

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust was one of the first in the country to introduce NEWS2 and successfully changed to the new system on 30 July. This, combined with the implementation of electronic observations, has resulted in faster treatment and better outcomes for our patients at risk of deteriorating.

RealTime is improving constantly and there are several features which can quickly show a patient’s NEWS2 score, risk of falls, if they have dementia, NG tube and if they have an infection. These are shown below –

E-observations on RealTime and NEWS2 scores are especially important to patients with sepsis, as they can quickly identify when a patient is deteriorating and nursing staff can flag this with clinicians.

Elizabeth Klein, head of nursing for quality and clinical standards, said “I would like to thank Alison Clague and the Critical Care Outreach Team for all of their hard work in bringing NEWS2 into the Trust and all of the staff for their enthusiasm in welcoming the new systems. There has been a period of learning but everyone has embraced the changes and are all working hard to give the best care to our patients.”

At CPFT the Community hospitals and Community teams are all  using NEWS 2. The staff have access to eLearning training prior to the implementation.

Red2Green is coming to RealTime

On Monday 22 October NCUH will be launching Red2Green days on RealTime. Although we don't have real time yet at CPFT the red to green prinicple has been adopted.  Red2Green is all about ensuring we make every day count for our patients. ‘Red’ days are days when a patient is in hospital either waiting for an action to progress and/or this action could take place outside of the hospital setting. ‘Green’ days are days when a patient receives an intervention that supports their pathway of care through to discharge and the patient receives care that can only be delivered in a hospital bed.

There are four questions that every patient or family member should ask healthcare providers daily – What’s wrong with me? What’s going to happen today? What’s needed to get me home? When do you think I will be able to go home?

Let’s make sure all patients have green days and there are no red days in our care. 

LSCB - Cumrbia's new safeguarding arrangements

The Department for Education published a new Working Together 2018 that set out new Safeguarding Arrangements for Local Authorities, their statutory partners and wider safeguarding agencies and bodies. Under the new legislation, the three safeguarding partners (local authorities, chief officers of police, and clinical commissioning groups) must make arrangements to work together with relevant agencies (as they consider appropriate) to safeguard and protect the welfare of children in the area.

Cumbria's Safeguarding Partners met on 25th September with the Independent Chair of the LSCB and agreed the starting point for discussions as to how safeguarding for children in Cumbria would be best delivered. Please take time to read the letter from the LSCB Safeguarding Partners which describes the working arrangements during the transition to the new safeguarding arrangements.

New safeguarding arrangement letter

Please note that Cumbria LSCB remains in place, procedures remain operational and new arrangements will be Cumbria wide.

Working Together 2018

Transitional Guide

Cumbria Adults Safeguarding Board highlight modern slavery

A potential victim of Modern Slavery was rescued from a shed in Cumbria last week where it is suspected he had lived for 40 years.  Officers from the Gang Masters & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) were supported by officers from Constabulary, the National Crime Agency and Housing Officers to bring the victim to safety.  Arrests were made and investigations continue.

What is Modern Slavery?

Modern slavery is a serious crime. It encompasses slavery, servitude, and forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking. Modern slavery victims can often face more than one type of abuse and slavery, for example if they are sold to another trafficker and then forced into another form of exploitation.

A person is trafficked if they are brought to (or moved around) a country by others who threaten, frighten, hurt and force them to do work or other things they don’t want to do.

If you suspect that a person is at risk:

  • Is the person in immediate danger or risk? If yes call 999
  • If you hold information that could lead to the identification, discovery and recovery of victims in the UK, you can contact the National Modern Slavery Helpline 0800 01 21 700 or report on line
  • Alternatively you can make calls anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or contact Cumbria Police on 101.

For more information please see the CASB newsletter

Counter Fraud

In 2016-17 losses to fraud in the NHS were estimated at £1.25 billion per annum - enough money to pay for over 40,000 staff nurses, or to purchase over 5,000 frontline ambulances. This is taxpayers' money that is taken away from patient care and falls into the hands of criminals. When we say 'fraud', we refer to a range of economic crimes, such as fraud, bribery and corruption or any other illegal acts committed by an individual or group of individuals to obtain a financial or professional gain.

Click here for the auditone’s Fraud Insight quarterly newsletter which aims to highlight current fraud risks and issues that the NHS faces but also identify fraud risks that may affect you in your life outside of work. A video looking at invoice fraud is on the staff counter fraud website

Four week consultation on proposed speed limit changes in Allerdale

Cumbria County Council is launching a consultation from Monday 22nd October for a period of four weeks, to gather feedback and views on proposals to change a number of speed limits in Allerdale. More information on their website

IT News and updates

Changes to Cisco IP Phones

As part of our longer term strategy to integrate our active directory with our phone system, we’re making some changes to our Cisco phones.

We’ve noticed that some users are dialling a full phone number, even when making internal calls. From 18/10/18, if the phone system recognises a number as internal, it will automatically convert it to a four digit internal number.

What changes will you see?

  • You will no longer need to use the ‘9’ prefix when making external calls
  • Users will see the caller’s ID
  • It will make it easier to redial a missed call on your Cisco phone (as you will not need to add the 9 prefix).

These changes will affect North Cumbria Cisco Phones with the following area codes; 01228, 01768, 01946, 01900, 016973.

If you have any questions, please contact the eHealth Service desk on 01228 608888

Phishing emails alert

The Trust is currently seeing an increase of virus alerts with regards to phishing emails, emails containing links that could be potentially harmful to your computer. If you are unsure of the link please don’t click it and carry out the below steps.

If you receive any Emails such as this please take the following actions:

  1. Do not click on any link or attachment in the Email
  2. Forward the Email to the
  3. Delete the Email from your mailbox and deleted items
  4. If you have any queries on this or any other information security matters please contact:

Windows 10 upgrade 

As a Trust, we’re continuing to work on upgrading all IT users to Windows 10 and Office 2013. We need to do this to maintain our network security, as our current version of Windows will soon be unsupported.

Windows 10 has now been rolled out at Maglona House, Carleton Clinic and Hilltop Heights.  We’re rolling out at Portland Square next week, and staff at Voreda should start to receive their booking emails this week.

What you need to know

You will receive more details starting from around four weeks before your upgrade date and time slot, letting you know what to do in advance. It is crucial that you book your upgrade slot as soon as you receive your email, this will help the roll-out go as smoothly as possible. If you can’t make your slot, please follow the instructions on the invitation, so we can help you rearrange.

What we need you to do

Before we send you confirmation of your appointment, we need all users to do some preparation work, including copying any files you have saved locally to your machine (which you could lose if you don’t move them in advance of your upgrade) to a secure network location. You can read more about that here.


If you have any questions

You can find out more about the roll-out on StaffWeb.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT service desk.

Read this section each week for:

Workforce Update

December Payday

December payday has been confirmed as Thursday 20th December 2018. Due to the payday being earlier, the payroll deadlines have been moved forward and are as follows:

  •          HR Forms – Friday 30th November 2018 for any change, starter and termination forms to be received for processing. We cannot guarantee that any forms received after this deadline will be processed due to payroll processing deadlines. If you could please ensure that all forms are submitted as soon as possible prior to the deadline.
  •          eExpenses and ePay – all electronic claims should be submitted and approved no later than 5th December. We would advise that employees submit their claims as soon as possible at the end of November to allow approvers enough time to query and approve claims as required.

Paper Payslips

In June we switched off the production of paper payslips.  Staff that were absent from work at the time were contacted and asked whether they wished to continue to receive paper payslips at home.  Once these staff return to work they will no longer receive paper payslips.  Staff who are in work currently and who may be absent for any length of time in the future will not receive paper payslips automatically.  The expectation is they will access their payslip online at home.

Sickness Entry on ESR

Whilst the overall accuracy of the data entry of absence has increased, there appears to be a common theme that the ESR entry does not match the sickness documentation, such as inconsistent dates and absence reasons.  Best practice is the entry should be made from the completed RTW documentation.  Managers should not be asking admin staff to enter information on ESR without appropriate documentation.

New Staff

Please can managers ensure staff know how to access ESR and timesheet and expense systems.  The team are receiving a lot of queries from staff who are struggling with these and do not know what to do or how to access these systems.  This should form part of local induction. 

Bank Staff

Bank staff require a Trust email address to claim on the timesheet and expense systems.  We are finding that the managers are not setting these up for bank staff which means they cannot claim anything.

Late Forms

There has been a large increase in the number of late forms or late responses to queries to forms which means the team are unable to process them.  This is causing a lot of under/over payments.  The rate used to be 60% late which steadily decreased to 45% but has now returned to 55-60% of all forms received are late/unable to be processed.

Late Claims

There has been an increase in the number of authorisations post deadline for expenses and ePay.  Managers, please let the employees affected know before payday that their claim will be paid in the next pay cycle.

AfC Business Mileage Claims

Where staff are travelling over 120 claimable miles in 1 day they must order a hire car or if they wish to use their own vehicle claim at the lower rate of 20p.  Please do not claim 56p/mile and cap your journey at the 120 mile threshold.  This rule is in place to save the organisation money.  Managers, please can you ensure to challenge any such claims where claims for AfC business rate (56p/mile) exceeds 120 miles.

NHS Payroll Services

Feedback is welcomed from staff who have contacted our new payroll provider over the last month.  Please email

Emergency Contacts

We would advise all employees to check and update their emergency contact via employee self-service.

Mandatory Training

This can be viewed in Employee Self Service in or out of work.

ESR Downtime

IBM are contractually obligated to develop ESR to their agreed schedule. Downtime will always be at the end of the month so that pay cycles are not interrupted.  Users are notified in advance of planned downtime and this downtime is beyond our control as ESR is managed at a national level.

Please visit the Workforce Weekly updates page for further information regarding the above as well as further updates

JOIN Our Amazing People: Job of the week: Dietitian

“I love that no two days are ever the same and it's exciting to learn new things and meet new people every day.”
Newly qualified or Band 5 dietitian seeking to develop skills in acute & community settings #isthisyou Join a busy, energetic & very friendly department with a varied caseload and lots of training opportunities #WeAreTheNHS

Check out all the latest job vacancies the Trust has on offer. Share this link with your family & friends on social media & spread the word.


Events and Training

Serious Incident Investigator Training

Dallan McGleenan and Ian Boit will be delivering 1 day SIRI Investigator Training on 3 alternative dates: 

  • 26 October (Voreda, Penrith)

  • 9 November (Maglona , Carlisle)

  • 23 November (Voreda, Penrith).

As before, it will be assumed that anyone wishing to attend will be committed to undertaking at least 1 SIRI investigation. The training will explain the Serious Incident Framework, a “Human Factors” approach to the investigation, investigation tools and report writing. Anyone who wishes to book the training needs to  email Ian Boit direct ( )

Bookings for the Mindfulness Courses Beginning in January, 2019

Mindfulness based interventions have a substantial research-based evidence and research shows that mindfulness confers significant benefits on health, well-being and quality of life in general. Since September, 2015, The Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC) has been offered to a variety of staff within a work-based setting, to explore its effectiveness as a self-care strategy. We currently offer 9 courses across Cumbria throughout the year and the next round of courses are set to begin in January, 2019 in Penrith, Workington and Carlisle.

“I think this course has been the most significant course I have ever undertaken. Its effects have been felt in all aspects of my life. Brilliant!”

“I feel I am more in tune with my emotions and less reactive, which has led to what I feel are better relationships and improved communication. I tend to carry less worry around with me at work and feel happier.”

“The MBLC is the most innovative thing CPFT has ever done. Something that is current and can benefit all band 3’s – 9’s.”

NOTE: The 3 courses beginning in October, 2018 are now full with waiting lists.  

Places are limited to 15 participants per course and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Course booking: Registration queries:

Free suicide alertness training

This workshop will look at:

  • The facts and figures around suicide
  • Why we should talk about suicide
  • What we can do to help prevent suicide
  • The 'signs' that someone may be having thoughts of suicide
  • Why it is important to ask directly about suicidal thoughts and our roles in safety planning
  • What resources are available locally and nationally

Upcoming dates:

More sessions in the south and north of the county will be available soon– for more details contact Juliet on

If you have any questions or concerns about the training prior to the event please contact Juliet from Carlisle Eden Mind on 01228 543 354 or email:

More information is available on the Intranet.  Posters detailng the sessions are here and here 

Teens, digital and mental health – digital natives or digitally naive?

Free Event Wed 24th Oct 2– 4pm - Speaker: Victoria Betton is founder and director of mHabitat - an NHS hosted organisation which supports people-centred digital innovation in health and care. She is a qualified social worker and coach with over twenty year’s experience in local government, third sector and the NHS. Her doctoral research was on the theme of mental health and online social networks.  You can find her blog at for Free tickets to this event on Wed 24th Oct 2– 4pm  Alexandra Building Room ; Bowerham Road, Lancaster


For our staff from our staff 


Happy reitrement to Isabell

The Deputy ward sister of the Copeland Unit, Isabell Morris, is retiring this week.

She has worked on the Copeland Unit since it opened in 2009. Her team wish her the very best of luck and hope she has a very long and happy retirement. She will be sorely missed by the team.


Staff travel survey prize winners.

Thank you to all the poeple who completeed the staff travel survey. Four lucky people have been drawn at random to recieve £25 Amazon vouchers. Well done all:

  • Dave Steele
  • Lesley Palmer
  • Lindsay King
  • Callum Blake

Apply for Britains best home cook!

The second series of Britain’s Best Home Cook for BBC One is about to begin and the producers are looking for passionate and talented home cooks who love making delicious food for their friends and family to apply for the show. 

Anyone wanting more information and an application form can email or call on 020 7490 3580 (ext. 1013) or go to their website

Free health and wellbeing support for all staff

Don’t forget you can also signpost colleagues to our EAP programme Validium using the details below. Validium is a support service offering both one to one and phone counselling for staff experiencing problems such as; emotional stress, bereavement, family problems, stress, anxiety or worry, drug and alcohol problems, relationship difficulties, depression or employment worries.

Lease Cars available for transfer 

Please see the latest cars available for lease, Whilst these cars are used they are not necessarily cheaper to lease than a new car, but it does offer the opportunity to join the Trusts car schemes for a shorter period of time (i.e. to the end of the existing contract). For more information or to obtain a quote for the lease car scheme and salary sacrifice car scheme please email Tony Bellingham and provide all the personal information requested at the top of the above link.

NHS Discounts

We’ve updated our NHS discount list to show you exactly where you can make some great savings online

If you haven’t already registered, you can sign up here for free and start using the discounts straight away.


Contact us

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You can contact us by:
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