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Thursday 2nd August 2018

Welcome to Partnership News, the weekly newsletter produced by Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Cumbria County Council.

If you have any news that you would like to share with staff via Partnership News, contact the Communications Department by 5pm on Thursday to be included in the following week’s Partnership News.

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Top Stories

Changes to nursing leadership

There have been some changes in nursing leadership following the departure of Esther Kirby, who has now left the trusts. Esther was appointed on an interim basis as joint executive director of nursing 15 weeks ago and had a remit of strategic system-wide oversight.  Interviews for the substantive joint executive director of nursing post are taking place in just over two weeks on 17 August.

Alison Smith is already in post as the director of nursing for North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH). She comes to us from NHS Improvement where she already had a good handle on the Trust and she will be supported by senior nurse leaders.

Within Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the existing associate directors of nursing will provide interim leadership cover until the permanent appointment of our joint executive director of nursing. In addition, we now have Gary O’Hare in post who is an experienced director of nursing from Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust and has been appointed as our executive director of mental health and learning disabilities. 

We will provide a further update after interviews take place later this month for the joint executive role.

This is Us Trust Business objectives

Over the past month we have been looking at the Joint Trust Business Objectives. These are arranged into the 4 Ss.

Over the next month we will be looking into each of these in more detail and explaining some of the ways we are already working towards these goals.

In the meantime, please familiarise yourself with the joint business objectives. There is a poster which explains them clearly, as well as the full document (which is a much more meaty read!)








What does Appraisal mean for you?

Every member of staff should have the opportunity to take part in an appraisal once a year. This conversation should centre on you; what you have achieved in the last 12 months and what you would like to achieve in the next 12 months.

Setting Objectives
Part of this conversation should focus on the next 12 months and how each of us will contribute to the Trust achieving the objectives that have been set. Click here for the joint Trust objectives and priorities. Providing the opportunity for a meaningful conversation is essential to form a focused objective for an appraisal. You and your appraiser should be able to see a clear link between your objectives and those of the Trust.

Compliance – what is required?
We have a responsibility for making sure they happen. This year we are required to complete 90% of all appraisals in the appraisal window, April – Sept 2018. Managers should be booking in appraisals now and if you haven’t had yours booked in yet please ask your line manager about booking some time suitable for you both. Next week we will provide an update on how we are doing so far.

Appraisals are teamwork! 
Appraisers – showing compassions, kindness, recognition and support is so important to how valued people feel.
Appraisee – taking time to prepare, seeing the importance of your appraisal and the alignment of your objective is critical to the success of the Trust and the services we deliver to our communities.

Free training to support you: 
We have two different training workshops available to support you, these are:

  • High Impact Appraisals 2 hour workshop - This taster session will support appraisers to deliver a new approach to appraisals and will help to develop your own awareness of the skills required to deliver meaningful appraisals that are effective for both the team member and the organisation. 
  • Coaching conversation for Appraisals full day workshop - The Trust values have been built into the appraisal process to help you embed the values into the way we work with our patients, our partners and each other. This training will support appraisers to deliver a new approach to Appraisals. A coaching style underpins the training and development skills to be able to have a meaningful person centred conversation. 


ICC Coordination Hubs – now taking referrals 

Within each Integrated Care Community (ICC) in north Cumbria a coordination hub provides a single point of contact for any professional referring into ICC services - including district nursing, rehabilitation, hospital to home, rapid response and discharge to assess. The hubs have now all been up and running for almost a month and have received their first referrals.

The hubs are currently running Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:30. Referrals can be made by calling 01946 853333 and selecting the option for the relevant ICC, or outside of these hours via Cumbria Health on Call. View the hub contact details, including email addresses – please print a copy and display in your team.

More details will be available in September as the ICCs continue to develop. For more information about ICCs view the factsheets or this short animation

World Breastfeeding Week

This week marks World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 8th August), an awareness week that aims to increase the rates of breastfeeding and also highlight the benefits of breastfeeding.

Diane Clark, Infant Feeding Coordinator comments:

“Awareness week’s like this are always a brilliant opportunity to raise awareness of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has a wealth of benefits for both the mother and her baby, such as reducing the risk of serious illnesses including, chest infections, gastroenteritis, allergies, diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, childhood cancers as well as reducing the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and hip fractures in mothers.”

The Trust’s Children’s and Families care group are also currently working towards UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Stage 2 accreditation with the aim of achieving this status by the end of October 2018.

Diane adds:

“UNICEF’s UK Baby Friendly Initiative ensures that all our staff are trained to give consistent and evidence based advice on breastfeeding which is proven to give the support that is needed to increase breastfeeding rates and enable mother’s to breastfeed as long as they wish to.”

For more information or advice, parents can contact their midwife or health visitor and they can come along to the peer and volunteer support groups that are delivered throughout Cumbria. Further information on the groups will be available from their midwife, health visitor , local children’s centre or from Cumbria County Council’s Children and Families Information Service on 08457 125 737.

National award shortlisting for recruitment efforts

The collaborative working between NCUH, CPFT and North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has been shortlisted for a Nursing Times Workforce Award in the ‘Recruitment Experience’ category. The award aims to recognise an organisation’s strategic approach to the improvement of nurses’ and midwives’ experience of recruitment.

The use of innovative marketing campaigns and events to recruit nurses and midwives is being considered as part of this award as well as new nursing roles such as apprenticeships. CPFT and NCUH launched a new recruitment campaign ‘is this you’ last year, which aimed to stand out from the crowd and attract people to come and live and work in Cumbria. The campaign launched with a joint recruitment video and has included social media advertising, adverts in key publications and a photography competition to involve our community in our efforts. The attraction team has also travelled up and down the country attending recruitment events as well as organising three local recruitment days to date which have been attended by people from outside of Cumbria. In addition, the team has travelled to Poland and Portugal this year to recruit nursing staff.

The awards will be held on 4 October. This was a tough category with many nominations so well done to the team for making the shortlist! 

Useful updates 

Free access to BMJ Best Practice 

BMJ Best Practice supports your clinical decisions by offering quick and easy access to reliable information for you and your patients. You can:

  • easily follow the patient consultation format of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention
  • consult the App whilst talking to patients
  • find award-winning Patient Leaflets
  • save time by going direct to clinical evidence summaries – signed off by the British Medical Association
  • link to guidelines & Cochrane Clinical Answers
  • create CME/CPD certificates

Get started today! Sign up via your Trust intranet home page. You can also access BMJ Best Practice using your OpenAthens password. North Cumbria Library staff are happy to help.

Beware of phishing emails 

There are a number of phishing emails being received which claim to know the users passwords and demand a payment. They suggest they have compromised your system and have incriminating videos or pictures of you. In some cases the passwords appear to be guessed correctly and are ones the user has previously used or may still be using.

In this instance the passwords are from the LinkedIn site which was hacked in 2012 and 117 million usernames and passwords stolen. This is how they have included a familiar password.

There are also other unrelated emails that pretend to be from HMRC. These are also fake. Please do not click on any links or attachments.

If you receive an Email such as this please take the following actions:

  1. Do not click on any link or attachment in the Email
  2. Forward the Email to the
  3. Delete the Email from your Mailbox and deleted items
  4. Change the password on your Linked In account if this has not been done recently. If you no longer use this service delete your account to prevent further issues.
  5. Change the password on any other accounts that use the same or similar passwords
  6. Do not pay any money for requests such as these. They are fake.
  7. If you have any queries on this or any other Information Security matter please contact:

General Password advice:

  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts – If one account is hacked they can get into many
  • Use a passphrase to generate your password. Three random words together is very hard to guess
  • Do not use information that is easy to guess such as family or pet names, Days of the week, months, addresses
  • Do not use “Password” in any part of any password you use. This is too easy to guess
  • Do not reveal your password for any system to anyone else (including IT staff)
  • Do not write the password down as this could be lost or seen
  • Change your passwords frequently and don’t just increment a number on the end.

If you have any queries on Information Security please contact:

Are your files secure?

As a Trust, we need to make sure everyone is saving their work to a central server, rather than locally to their machine. It’s set out in Trust policy POL/002/037 - Acceptable Use Policy (IT systems), and it helps make sure all our work is backed up and stored safely.

‘Files’ include data such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote content, PDFs; multi media such as images, video and sound. 

Any work saved locally to your machine (for example, on your C drive or desktop) is not backed up, so we need everyone to save to our central server. This will also affect your upgrade to Windows 10 in the near future. During the Windows 10 upgrade your current device will be replaced.  If you have files saved locally they will be permanently lost and it will not possible to restore them.  You need to act now to make sure this does not happen. 

How to check where your work is saved/move your files

A lot of users may be saving locally to their machine without knowing. If you’re not sure where your work is normally saved, there’s a quick and easy way to check. Follow the steps in our how-to guide, which will take you through moving your files if you need to do so.  If you have any questions please contact the IT service desk via the self service portal, or on 01228 608888. 

Bin it Right, know your waste 

Bin it right!!

We can all #saveapoundaday by making sure we know which bins to put our waste in.  Different types of waste cost us different amounts to dispose of – putting general waste into clinical waste bins cost us  over £96,000 more than we needed to spend in 2017/2018.  Getting waste disposal right also has a big impact on the environment so we should all be doing out bit.  Click here to see what you can put in general waste and make sure you make a #smallchangebigdifference by Binning it Right.

Keep your eyes open for more information on how you can save money through #binitright

Contact the team at if you have any questions, or if you have any other ideas for #saveapoundaday. 

Incident reporting

If you would like to share an incident with an external organisation please direct it to the Risk Management Team ( rather than sending the information yourself. There are sharing agreements in place and governance around this that needs to be adhered to, also we can then monitor how many incidents are needing external input.

1,000 staff have been selected this quarter to tell us how engaged and motivated they feel right now.  Are you one of them?

Our Great Teams Great Care staff engagement survey is now live for this quarter.  It’s time to have your say……..

Check your inbox now to see if you have been selected this quarter to tell us how you feel about working for the Trust. The address to look for is

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and everyone will get a chance to complete it once throughout the year.  Information provided on the survey is confidential and the results will be collated outside of the Trust so that we will be able to see trends but no individual responses.

We know that if staff feel valued, respected and supported, patient care gets even better. This is why we want to hear from you about how supported you feel – as part of your team and by the Trust. To find out more contact the organisational development team -

Click here to find more examples of 'you said we did!'

Data Security & Awareness Training 2018 is now OPEN!

Time flies and it’s that time of year again. Data Security & Awareness Training window is now open; helping you keep information safe and feel more confident when handling patient identifiable data.  All staff have a responsibility to use, store and process information correctly and individuals along with the Trust may be liable for fines if you don’t take the necessary precautions.  Just click on the link and follow the Core Skills eLearning Certifications User Guide, this will explain everything you need to know to access and complete your training.  

We are bound to do this by Law. Don’t panic, it doesn’t take long, so get it done today to stay one step ahead of the game. 

WANTED: Health Advocates!

Do you have an interest in health and wellbeing? Would you like to support members of your team to improve their health?

Health Advocates are people who are passionate about health and wellbeing, want to help raise awareness of health topics and contribute to the development of a positive wellbeing culture at our Trust - and beyond. 

The Health Advocate role is voluntary, and is open to anyone in the organisation regardless or role, experience or particular interests. You will be a champion for health in your team, signposting colleagues to sources of support on mental health, fitness, making healthy choices or encouraging colleagues to access support for stress and MSK problems quickly. There is no specified time commitment for this role, however around 1-2 hours a month is ideal. Having a variety and number of people carrying out the role enables campaigns or initiatives to reach more staff.

Training and Support

All Health Advocates will attend a one-day training session. There are also opportunities to attend more detailed, accredited training, though this is entirely up to you. If you would like to get involved, email health& We are experiencing issues when staff are clicking the email link as above; we advise you to type the email address in manually or search for health on the global outlook and it will be the first email address you come to.

Travel survey

The Trust is conducting a survey on how you get to work and between sites. We want to hear from as many of you as possible so please take the time to complete this short survey. 

There is also the chance to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers. All surveys must be completed by Friday 10 August and the winners will be chosen at random.

The survey will help to make improvements in the Trust’s travel plans and improving sustainable travel for all staff.  

Local Safeguarding Children's Board

SOSThe LSCB are running a number of “Signs of Safety” briefing events across the county

The learning outcomes for these briefing events are:

  • Provide an overview of the Signs of Safety and what tools you can expect to see being used across the Local Authority
  • To consider what tools/approach can be directly applied in your own practice area.

These two hour workshops are aimed at providing practitioners and partner agencies with a basic understanding of the Signs of Safety Approach. They are appropriate for professionals who work predominantly with children, young people and their families, parents or carers, and who could potentially contribute to the assessment, intervention and reviewing the safeguarding needs for a child or young person, where there are safeguarding concerns, and or potential risks. For dates and venues, please click here. 


Read this section 
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Training | Development | Support Opportunities

Workforce Update

Click HERE to see our weekly updates page.

JOIN Our Amazing People

Check out all the latest job vacancies the Trust has on offer.

Share this link with your family & friends on social media & spread the word.

LEAD Our Amazing People

Good leadership, at all levels of the organisation, creates the right culture and environment for staff to deliver great care. We want to embed  positive leadership at every level, regardless of role.

Please look at the leadership pages of staff web to see development opportunities and more

GREAT Teams Great Care

You don’t need to wait for the survey to start to make a difference.  There are ideas on the Workforce and OD pages about what you can do now to develop yourself and your team.


In 2010 the Clinical Audit Support Centre (CASC) set up the annual junior doctor clinical audit awards and these have proved to be a huge success. So much so, that CASC extended the awards to include Quality Improvement Projects.

Over the last 8 years CASC has had over 1,000 entries and some fantastic examples of audits and QI projects that have made a difference. Previous winners have been shortlisted for HSJ Awards, had their work published in academic journals and gone on to work for NHS Improvement! The format for 2018 is much the same and entries are invited for the two categories: clinical audit projects and quality improvement projects.

All entries must reach CASC by 3 September 2018. To find out more and to access the entry forms for 2018, please visit the CASC website by clicking here

You can contact your local Clinical Audit team by emailing, and click here to see any recent announcements.

GROW Your shared know how

The Workforce and OD staff web pages have a range of training  opportunities many of them free. There's also information about health and wellbeing as well as continuous service improvement.

Legal services training 

You are invited to attend some training delivered by the legal services team.  This will be mainly focused on Inquests but will be interactive and include an overview of the Inquest process, witness statements (for any legal process, not just Inquests), the relevance of SIRIs and hopefully some role play/mock Inquest (attendees will not be required to participate).  Whilst it is focused on Inquests, it is possible that we will be able to touch on claims, defensible documentation, court attendance in general etc. 

Please note the changes to the venue/dates as follows 

  • 31 August 2018, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle
  • 17 September 2018, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle 
  • 27 September 2018, West Cumberland Hospital (AM: for all Care Groups, PM: Community Services Care Group only)
  • 5 October 2018, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle 
  • 2 November 2018, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle 
  • 21 December 2018, Furness General Hospital, Barrow 

Please note we are no longer running the session at the Cumberland Infirmary on 21st December.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We would be particularly keen to see more interest from the Mental Health Care Group due to the number of mental health related Inquests the Trust has.

If you are interested or have any queries please contact us at or you can speak to one of the team on 01228 603833.  

Setting up a Parent/Carer support group in North Cumbria

Are you the parent or carer of a young person living with mental health or emotional difficulties? Would you be interested in learning from other people with similar experience?
If you are, the NHS, PAC and My Time would like you to join us on Monday 24th September. We have invited Wendy Minhinnick from Roller Coaster parent/carer support in Durham. Wendy is the mother of a young person who has been treated for mental health issues and helped set up Roller Coaster. Wendy will be able to describe how they set up Roller Coaster and how it has helped parents and carers in Durham.
We would like to give you the opportunity to hear about the experience of those in Durham and tell us what support you would find useful as a parent/carer, and if that includes setting up a parent/carer forum what support you would like to do so.
Please ‘drop in’ and visit us at Carlisle Youth Zone from 2.30pm – 4.30pm or Harraby Community Centre from 7pm until 9pm. Local staff will be available with Wendy during these times for a coffee and a chat.




‘Down’s Syndrome, Ageing and Dementia’

This was the topic at a special conference and training session held in Kendal in July.

More than 30 health and social care staff and care providers involved in of the support of adults with Learning Disability and Down’s Syndrome, attended the event, held at Castle Street Community Centre.

Guest speaker was Julian Hallett, Down’s Syndrome Association Manager.  He gave an overview of recent research into ageing and dementia;  spoke about assessment tools; practical strategies that can be used for communicating and caring with people diagnosed with dementia; and how to help people with eating, drinking and pain control.

As the life expectancy of people with Down’s Syndrome increases, Mr Hallett highlighted the impact this would have on support services and the NHS.

Feedback received from those attending the one day session was extremely positive.  One delegate commented: “I have thoroughly enjoyed the full day and found it very informative, particularly the case studies.”

The key messages that people took away included the need to work on early diagnosis of dementia among people with LD and the requirement for awareness training about Down’s Syndrome,  ageing and dementia across all health and social care sectors.

For more information about the event please contact  Anne Thomas Adult Community Learning Disability Service 01229 404531 or Julian Hallett Down’s Syndrome Association Tel: 0333 12 12 300

Free Wheelchair Skills Workshop for kids

On Sunday 12th August 12pm – 4pm at Richard Rose Morton Academy, Wigton Road, Carlisle, CA2 6LB, there is a free Wheelchair Skills Workshop. 

This is a great chance for young people from 2 - 18 years to meet other young wheelchair-users and to learn skills to help them become more independent. Extra wheelchairs are provided for mums, dads, brothers and sisters to join in with the games.

Steve Conway, mobility trainer said: 

Our patron, Paralympic TV presenter Ade Adepitan MBE was one of the first young wheelchair users to come on one of our courses and he is now a great role model for a lot of the children who currently attend our workshops.

On the workshop we teach skills such as coping with slopes and rough ground, back wheel balancing, road safety and emergency evacuation techniques. We also play games like wheelchair basketball and try out wheelchair dance. We bring extra chairs so mums, dads and siblings can get involved and join in the games. Whilst the objectives are serious the workshops are good fun! The young people will need to be able to self propel to gain fully from the workshop however we often have a mixed range of abilities and find that everyone gains some new skills from the workshops. We have had children as young as 2 years of age on our workshops and welcome young people up to the age of 18.

To reserve a place email Or Telephone 07554 392689

For our staff from our staff 


Sophie achieves first for England

Sophie Noon a physiotherapist working in the Copeland Community Rehabilitation Team was selected to run for England in the 43rd Jewson International Snowdon race. Sophie was 1st woman from England to finish and was placed 3rd woman overall. An astonishing achievement.

Well done from all your colleagues!

The Duddon Damsels softball cricket success

Following an advert in Trust news Furness CMHART joined the Ladies Softball Cricket Tournament at Barrow Cricket Club on Sunday 15th July. We were able to put in two teams aptly named - Duddon Damsels 1 and 2.

Duddon Damsels 2 made it through to the final, narrowly missing out on a win. This was a great day for all and we will be practising ready for next year. Pictured are the finalists. 

Do you have a spare lockable cupboard?

Kath Blaylock from adult community services is on the lookout for a lockable, shelved metal cupboard 6ft x 3ft. If any team has one spare please can you contact her on 01228 608031.

Lease Cars available for transfer

Please see the latest cars available for lease, Whilst these cars are used they are not necessarily cheaper to lease than a new car, but it does offer the opportunity to join the Trusts car schemes for a shorter period of time (i.e. to the end of the existing contract). For more information or to obtain a quote for the lease car scheme and salary sacrifice car scheme please email Tony Bellingham and provide all the personal information requested at the top of the above link.


NHS Discounts

Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations

Working in healthcare can be extremely stressful and with summer finally here, a break should definitely be on the cards.

Choosing the right holiday location isn’t always easy and can be a challenge. To help you out, we've researched the Top 5 Family Holiday Destinations that you can save some hard-earned money on using your NHS discount. Our discounts are exclusive to Health Service Discounts members, it’s free to join and free to use. Sign up today!


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