Policy Documents: Corporate

The Trust's policies and procedures relate to its operation, staff, facilities, health and safety, risk management and services provided to patients.

The policies for Cumbria Partnership and North Cumbria University Hospitals are being reviewed to align them during 2018/Spring 2019.  For some of these, it has been agreed to extend their formal review date, as they have been assessed as still safe and legal for staff to follow until their alignment.  

Policy Help!

If you have a policy query please contact the Policy Helpdesk on PolicyHelpDesk@cumbria.nhs.uk or 01228 602029.

POL/002/053 Alerts Policy and Procedure (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/002/017 Claims Policy and Management Procedure
POL/002/061 Closed Circuit Television Policy - CCTV (Apr 16-Apr 19)
POL/002/039 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review date extended to 30/6/19)
POL/COR/001 Corporate Records Policy and Procedure - Joint (Aug 18-Sep 21)
POL/002/021 Display Screen Equipment Policy (Oct 15-Dec 17)
POL/002/001 Document Development Policy (Jan 19-Jun 19)
POL/002/032 Driving At Work Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/COR/005 Emergency Preparedness Resilience Response Policy (Joint) POL-COR-005
POL/002/100 Engagement of External Auditors Policy (May 18-May 19)
POL/COR/002 Fire Safety Policy - Joint (Aug 18-Mar 19)
POL/002/062 First Aid At Work Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/099 Governors Expenses Procedure (Nov 17-Nov 20)
POL/002/002 Handling of Complaints, Comments, Concerns & Compliments Policy (Aug 18-Aug 20)
POL/COR/003 Health and Safety Policy - Joint (Aug 18-Aug 21)
POL/002/008 Health Records Policy (Nov18-Dec21)
POL/002/085 Heatwave Plan (Apr 18-Mar 19)
POL/002/040 Intellectual Property Policy (Jan 17-Jan 20)
POL/002/057 Lone Worker Policy (Apr 16-Apr 19)
POL/002/097 Managing Official Visits Procedure (Oct 17-Oct 20)
POL/002/011 Media Relations Protocol (Oct 15-Oct 17. Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/104 Music Licence Policy (Oct 17-Oct 20)
POL/002/070 Preparing for a Serious Security Occurrence (Lockdown) Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 3/6/19)
POL/002/043 Procurement Policy (Oct 17-Oct 18)
POL/002/074 Regulation of Performance Indicators Policy (Aug 17-May 18) (Extended to Feb 19)
POL/002/013 Risk Assessment of New and Expectant Mothers At Work Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18. Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/014 Risk Assessment of Young Persons At Work (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/012 Risk Management Policy and Process (Apr 16-Sept 19)
POL/002/012/01 Risk Management Strategy (Jan 17-Jan 18)
POL/002/015 Security Policy (Oct 15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/015/001 Security Strategy (Oct-15-Oct 18) (Review Date Extended to 30/6/19)
POL/002/035 Service User and Payment Policy
POL/COR/004 Sharps Safety Policy Joint POL-COR-004 (Nov18-Nov21)
POL/002/044 Smoke Free Policy (Jun 16-Dec 17)