Policy Documents: Finance

The Trust's policies and procedures relate to its operation, staff, facilities, health and safety, risk management and services provided to patients.

The policies for Cumbria Partnership and North Cumbria University Hospitals are being reviewed to align them during 2018/Spring 2019.  For some of these, it has been agreed to extend their formal review date, as they have been assessed as still safe and legal for staff to follow until their alignment.  

Policy Help!

If you have a policy query please contact the Policy Helpdesk on PolicyHelpDesk@cumbria.nhs.uk 

POL/003/004 Charitable Funds Policy (Oct 17-Oct 20)
POL/FIN/002 Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy - Joint (Dec 18-Dec 21)
POL/002/043 Procurement Policy (May 19 - May 20)
POL/003/001 Reservation and Delegation of Powers and Standing Financial Instructions v.2 (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/FIN/003 Treasury Management Policy (Apr 19 - Apr 22)