Policy Documents: Information Governance

The Trust's policies and procedures relate to its operation, staff, facilities, health and safety, risk management and services provided to patients.

The policies for Cumbria Partnership and North Cumbria University Hospitals are being reviewed to align them during 2018/Spring 2019.  For some of these, it has been agreed to extend their formal review date, as they have been assessed as still safe and legal for staff to follow until their alignment.  

Policy Help!

If you have a policy query please contact the Policy Helpdesk on PolicyHelpDesk@cumbria.nhs.uk or 01228 602029.

POL/002/092 Access Booking and Waiting Time Management Policy (Aug 18 - Jun 20)
POL/002/077/002 Access Control Policy (Feb 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/002/081 Anonymisation and New Safe Haven Policy (Feb 14-May 18) Extended to 31 March 19
POL/002/077/006 Anti Malware Policy (Feb 16-May 18)
POL/002/077/005 Clear Desk Policy (Feb 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/002/093 Clinical Coding Policy (Sep 18-Dec 19)
POL/IG/005 Confidentiality Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Sep 21)
POL/COR/001 Corporate Records Policy and Procedure - Joint (Aug 18-Sep 21)
POL/IG/001 Data Protection Act Policy - Joint (May 18-Apr 21)
POL/002/064 Data Quality Policy (Nov 16-Oct 19)
POL/002/077/008 eHealth IT Change Management Policy (May 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/002/004 Email Policy (Feb 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/002/075 Encryption Policy (Feb 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/IG/002 Extended Rights of Data Subjects Policy (Joint) (May 18-May 21)
POL/IG/006 Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL/002/008/012 Health Record Keeping Multidisciplinary Audit Procedure (May 17-Apr 19)
POL/002/008 Health Records Management Policy (Dec 16-Dec 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/IG/007 Information & Cyber Security Acceptable Use Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL/IG/008 Information and Cyber Security Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL-IG-004 Information Asset Management Policy - Joint (Jan 18-Jan 21)
POL/002/007 Information Governance Strategic Management Framework (May 17-May 19)
POL/IG/003 Information Sharing (Disclosure) Policy - Joint (May 18-May 21)
POL/002/077/007 IT Equipment Secure Disposal Policy (Aug 16-Aug 18. Extened to 31/3/19)
POL/002/077/004 Mobile Computing and Remote Access Policy (Feb 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)
POL/001/018 Appendix 3 Preceptorship Appendix 3 for Band 7
POL/002/103 Printing Policy (Oct 17-Apr 19)
POL/002/066 Registration Authority Smartcard Policy (Feb 18-Nov 19)
POL/002/077/010 Remote Support of End Users Device Policy (May 16-May 18. Extended to 31/3/19)