Policy Documents: Joint Policies

The Trust's policies and procedures relate to its operation, staff, facilities, health and safety, risk management and services provided to patients.

The policies for Cumbria Partnership and North Cumbria University Hospitals are being reviewed to align them during 2018/Spring 2019.  For some of these, it has been agreed to extend their formal review date, as they have been assessed as still safe and legal for staff to follow until their alignment.  

Policy Help!

If you have a policy query please contact the Policy Helpdesk on PolicyHelpDesk@cumbria.nhs.uk or 01228 602029.

POL/WOR/007 Alcohol & Substance Misuse Policy - Joint (Sep 18-Oct 21)
POL/WOR/001 Apprenticeship Policy - Joint (May 18-May 20)
POL/WOR/008 Attendance Management Policy Joint POL-WOR-008 (Nov18-Nov19)
POL/WOR/010 Capability Policy-Joint (Dec18-Nov21)
POL/WOR/009 Competency Framework Policy Joint POL-WOR-009 (Nov18-Nov19)
POL/IG/005 Confidentiality Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Sep 21)
POL/COR/001 Corporate Records Policy and Procedure - Joint (Aug 18-Sep 21)
POL/FIN/002 Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy - Joint (Dec 18-Dec 21)
POL/IG/013 Cyber Security Encryption policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/IG/001 Data Protection Act Policy - Joint (May 18-Apr 21)
POL/WOR/020 Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/WOR/004 Disciplinary Policy - Joint (Sep 18-Aug 21)
POL/IG/011 Email Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/COR/005 Emergency Preparedness Resilience Response Policy (Joint) POL-COR-005
POL/WOR/017 Exit Policy - Joint (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/IG/002 Extended Rights of Data Subjects Policy (Joint) (May 18-May 21)
POL/COR/002 Fire Safety Policy - Joint (Aug 18-Mar 19)
POL/IG/009 Forensic Readiness Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/IG/006 Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL/WOR/014 Gender Diversity and Inclusion Policy Joint (Sep18-Sep21)
POL/WOR/021 Grievance Policy (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/001/075 Guardianship Policy, Procedures and Guidance (Interim Joint Cumbria County Council Policy) Extended to Jun 19
POL/COR/003 Health and Safety Policy - Joint (Aug 18-Aug 21)
POL/CLIN/004 Immunisation of Service Users (Hospitals) Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/IG/007 Information & Cyber Security Acceptable Use Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL/IG/008 Information and Cyber Security Policy - Joint (Oct 18-Oct 21)
POL-IG-004 Information Asset Management Policy - Joint (Jan 18-Jan 21)
POL/IG/003 Information Sharing (Disclosure) Policy - Joint (May 18-May 21)
POL/WOR/023 Job Matching and Job Evaluation Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/WOR/011 Managing Personal Relationships in the Workplace - Joint Policy (Dec 18-Nov 21)
POL/WOR/006 Managing Stress At Work - Joint (Sep 18-Sep 21)
POL/WOR/022 Maternity/Paternity/Shared Parental/Adoption Pay and Leave Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/IG/012 Mobile Computing and Remote Access Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL/WOR/013 Multi-Professional Preceptorship Policy V1.0 (Jan17-Jan20)
POL/IG/010 Network Cyber Security Policy (Mar19-Mar22)
POL-WOR-003 Organisational Change Policy - Joint (Apr 18-Apr 20)
POL/WOR/003/018 Pay Protection Policy-Joint (Mar19-Mar20)
POL/WOR/005 Professional Registration Policy - Joint (Sep 18-Sep 21)
POL/WOR/012 Recruitment and Selection Policy - Joint (Nov 18-Nov 20)
POL/COR/004 Sharps Safety Policy Joint POL-COR-004 (Nov18-Nov21)
POL/WOR/016 Special Leave Policy (Feb19-Feb22)
POL/WOR/002 Standards of Business Conduct Policy - Joint (Jan 19-Nov 19)
POL/WOR/015 Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) Joint (Jan19-Jan22)