Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2011

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Stephen Dalton

Dave Dagnan

Letters/News/Book Reviews:

Introducing the LeN - Learning Network
Barbara Crosland

Publication review: Foresight Mental Capital and Wellbeing reports
Dave Dagnan

Research Reports:

Measuring outcomes in learning disability challenging behaviour services: Exploring barriers to outcome measurement in northern challenging behaviour teams  
Jane Birrell & Dave Dagnan

Pilot evaluation of outcome in early intervention in psychosis 
Ron Siddle & Kath McGleenan

Planned Research:

Improving coping strategies for people distressed by voice hearing: A pilot study in psychiatric inpatients 
Angus Forsyth

The impact of a screening questionnaire on access to and effectiveness of IAPT primary mental health care for adults with learning disabilities and mental health problems 
Chris Hatton

Education & Learning:

Family therapy and systemic skills training comes to Cumbria: A celebration and overview of a training collaboration between the Scottish Institute of Human Relations (SIHR) and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 
Alison Burgess

Evaluation of Cumbria Partnership Year of Writing workshops 
Carol Ross

Quality/Organisational Change:

Developing clinical pathways within First Step 
Richard Thwaites & Pam Travers

Practice development: Using an innovative approach to transforming occupational therapy services 
Janet Folland

Reflective Practice/Case Studies:

Reflective practice groups in learning disability services 
Shaun Cavanagh, John Masson & Kathryn McDowell

Revisiting Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT): a planned case study 
Lindsay King