Volume 4, Issue 1, Spring 2014

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Professor Dave Dagnan

Letters/News/Book Reviews/Reviews

How to do your case study: A guide for students and researchers
Naomi Pierce

Prevalence and risk factors of mental health in children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities
Dinesh Khanna

Review of the Helsinki Declaration for research ethics
Yumna Masood

Research Reports

A qualitative study of bipolar disorder: The experiences of members of a self-help group
Holly De Luca

Anxiety, physical activity, and public performance: An interpretive phenomenological analysis of amateur gymnasts' competition experiences
Lucy H. Merritt & Paul K. Miller

Mindfulness meditation practice can make concentration feel a little easier
Robert Ian Hallard

Targeted Mental Health in Schools: Confidence-building among school staff as a latent systemic impact of the Cumbrian initiative
Paul K. Miller, Nicki Wilson, Alyson Dickson & Joanne C. Gaffney

To what extent do parental attitudes affect adolescents' self-esteem, body image and eating attitudes
Chloe Hole

Planned Research

Does therapeutic writing help people with long-term conditions? Systematic review, realist synthesis, and economic modelling
Catherine Meads

Education and Learning

Evaluation of dementia, depression, and delirium (3Ds) training
Holly De Luca & Rebecca Parkinson

Cognitive behavioural training for physical health staff
Lucy Eastlake, Brenda Connolly, Catherine Cooper & Elspeth Desert

Team training triumph
Lindsay King

Quality/Organisational Change

Effectiveness of the One Step Further exercise programme for clients with neurological disability
Tracy Johnson & Stephen Atkinson

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy: An audit report on initial outcomes and annotated bibliography
Steven Wright

A pilot redesign of a musculoskeletal physiotherapy service for low back pain
Joanna Manley

Reflective Practice/Case Studies

Care and confinement: A reflective overview of mental health service development in Lancaster and the UK
Edward Fearnley

Improving practice in pressure ulcer grading and the prevention of pressure ulcers
Janet Lancaster

The development of theory in narrative family therapy: A reflective account
Jo Wilcox