Better Care Together; a guide for our staff…


If you work in healthcare in South Cumbria you will probably be aware of the Better Care Together programme. However, you may not know all you want to know about what Better Care Together means for your role your team or your service. The Better Care Together strategy has been published today and is available at 

Better Care Together is the name of an ambitious initiative designed to provide high quality joined-up healthcare to communities in South Cumbria and North Lancashire. The initiative is being coordinated and led by a partnership of organisations including Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust; Blackpool Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust; Lancashire Care Foundation Trust and Cumbria and Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Groups. The Programme also involves Councils from South Cumbria and North Lancashire who provide social care services.

Providing high quality joined-up healthcare means that patients get the right interventions, in the right places, at the right times, by the right people. This is the kind of care we would want for ourselves and our loved ones and is good for patients, carers and their families.

What Better Care Together means in practice is that we will be providing more care out of hospital to people in the community. To help us do this, work is underway to establish seven Integrated Care Communities in South Cumbria. An Integrated Care Community is based on the principle of wrapping services around GP Practice populations and means closer working between teams of healthcare professionals and voluntary bodies. This will help us provide better case management and support for our patients. In South Cumbria, these developments will be supported by the implementation of two new roles in each Integrated Care Community. These roles are Care Navigators who will act as ‘travel agents’ supporting patients through the health and care system and Case Managers, who will provide care co-ordination for patients with complex conditions and comorbidities.

We are committed to continually improving the care we provide to our patients and we recognise that our chances of success are improved greatly when we work together with our colleagues and partner organisations. We are also committed to supporting our teams to face these challenges and we want every member of our staff to take the opportunity to be part of this exciting and ground-breaking journey.

As this year unfolds you will see the establishment of seven Integrated Care Communities in South Cumbria, you will see the emergence of new roles, you will see closer working with other healthcare organisations and voluntary bodies and you will see new pathways of care emerge. As the year progresses you will also start to see clarity on the future of Children’s and Young People services and an understanding of how our Mental Health Services will fit into Better Care Together.

For more Information about Better Care Together and the partners involved in it you can visit the Better Care Together website at

If you have any queries about how Better Care Together will affect you then please don’t hesitate to contact your manager.