Carlisle Special Care Dental Services New students continue their learning at Carlisle Special Care

Carlisle Specialist and Special Care Dental services welcomes new students. The Carlisle Dental Centre trains dental students in a state-of-the-art building in the grounds of the Cumberland Infirmary. It is a collaboration between the local NHS health organisations and the Universities of Liverpool, Central Lancashire and Cumbria

Since 2011, every student who has graduated from this course has secured their first job as a dental foundation trainee - impressive, given places are limited and awarded following a national competitive selection process. Carlisle is one of four local Dental Education Centres in the North West. Students have already completed a year in Preston developing clinical skills and supporting knowledge as well as an understanding of how the human body works in health and disease and will be based in Carlisle for the majority of their final three years - a very different model from a traditional dental school and one that prepares students for life in practice. Eight students will undertake a training programme leading to qualification as a dentist. They put their skills into practice by treating patients, returning to Preston for short courses to learn more complex procedures. In the third year students start to attend clinics in the local hospitals to understand the various specialities in dentistry. In their final years, students work in enhanced training practices where they have their own surgery and nurse. Students are closely supervised by Kumar Datla Clinical Teacher and Mark Wallwork Senior Clinical Tutor.

Stephen Jones Clinical Director said ““This scheme for educating and training post-graduates who hold a science-based degree is proving popular for dental students and patients. 
It is also demonstrating within academic circles that this approach is a successful way forward and compares favourably with the traditional university training process”.