Celebrating #ValuesWeek at Penrith Day Hospice

This week we have been celebrating NHS Values Week 2019 amongst our staff and have been sharing what our trust values mean to them.

Values Week is designed to celebrate NHS values and encourage staff to talk about how they bring these to life on a daily basis.

Our trust values combine of, Kindness, Respect, Ambition and Collaboration.

The team at Penrith Day Hospice have shared with us how they demonstrate our values to support patients, staff and volunteers.


  • At Penrith Day Hospice there is time to talk, unlike one to one appointments and consultations, at the day hospice patients value the opportunity to meet and support each other.
  • We value and celebrate the life of patients in different activities including art work.
  • Carers and families are supported, during and after the life of the patient.
  • A patient who has difficulty communicating, is given time to communicate by squeezing someone’s finger in response to questions.


  • At team meetings all staff, including volunteers are free to voice their opinions.
  • Each day hospice volunteer is given an individual role in the team.


  • Patients discharged from the day hospice 12 week programme of activities, have the option to attend a new ‘Drop-in’ service.
  • Bespoke training sessions for the day hospice volunteers are provided by Fred Lightfoot, Palliative Care Education Facilitator, Palliative Care & Macmillan.
  • A new programme of activities has been devised for day hospice.


A new a programme of 'Discussion Sessions' has been devised for day hospice.

Sessions are provided by:

  • Lizzy Davey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Physical Health and Rehabilitation Psychology provides a session on ‘Values’
  • Wendy Ashton, Eden Valley Hospice (EVH) Palliative Care Social Worker, provides a session on ‘Legacies’
  • Occupational Therpaists and Physiotherapy staff, from the ICC Eden Team provide specialist sessions on management of Shortness of Breath, Anxiety and Fatigue.
  • ‘Thomas Cook’ staff provide information on travel insurance.

Penrith Day Hospice also works collaboratively with groups in the community:

  • Haiku project, with the Eden Valley Scribe Group.
  • Projects, such a creative writing sessions with pupils from Stainton Primary School.
  • Monthly visits to Calvert Trust Hydrotherapy Pool.
  • Local artists have participated in the day house ‘Lily of the Valley’ art project.
  • Penrith Hospital Art Group, funded by Appleby Heritage Centre.
  • Poppy, the hospice dog.