Challenging year provides solid foundation for change

‘Challenging, but good progress and an opportunity that has given us a solid foundation for change,' is how Claire Molloy sums up her first nine months in post as Chief Executive of Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

In her review of 2013/14 in the Trust's annual report published today, Claire outlines the work she has led since she arrived in the Trust last summer.  She says, “During my first three months, I had already identified a range of changes and improvements I wanted to take forward to ensure quality and safety were top priority for the Trust”. 

She reflects that it had been incredibly upsetting to discover that some key services were not providing good enough care to patients, in a CQC inspection at our dementia assessment unit in Barrow just three months after she had arrived.

“The CQC inspection was a significant event for the Trust because not only did it drive us with an absolute determination to put Ramsey right, it also provided a platform from which to quickly develop and action a series of changes to the way the organisation works.” 

The Trust's annual report describes the work that since took place to deliver a large programme of work across three areas:

  • ensure services are quality and safety focussed now,
  • change our culture and the way the organisation is run so it is more open and transparent
  • developing and improving our service in collaboration with our partners.

Claire has since worked closely with staff and partners organisations to develop a new vision for our services: supporting people in our communities to live happier, healthier more hopeful lives.  Our shared vision is summarised in the ‘about us' document (attached).

Despite the challenges, the Trust's Chair, Mike Taylor, says that the year has also been one of great achievements of which we should all be proud.  He praises the work undertaken by the new Chief Executive, describing her ability to secure at all levels great commitment and ownership.  Mike Taylor also described the development of the Cumbria Health & Social Care alliance as one of the most encouraging developments for a number of years and although still early days, says there are already signs that the collaboration and cooperation is beginning to deliver improvements in the delivery of health care.

The Board of Directors will present the annual report at its Annual Members Meeting on Wednesday 17th September at Rheged, near Penrith.  For more information and how to book on, please visit our website.  Copies of the annual report and quality report, 5 year strategic plan are available on the website.