Cumbria Headache Forum

The following of Cumbria Headache Forum is growing and is on the radar of more health professionals and patients, including interest from Holland.

Dr Jitka Vanderpol Consultant Neurologist at Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) organised the event and said “The quarterly forum was in a different format this time; the morning session was organised for Headache Specialist Nurses and the afternoon was a joint meeting for professionals and patients together. There were more than 55 patients, 15 Headache Specialist Nurses from across the UK, research officers, presenters, Migraine Trust representatives and virtual participants. Regular tweets were made and responses from both the UK and Europe were received. I hope that the event can grow beyond the boundaries of Cumbria and become a UK Headache Forum.”

Stephen Donaghue a representative from a company called Curelator who have developed a tool to map a person’s attacks and triggers, found the forum very useful: “I greatly enjoyed the forum and was very pleased to have the opportunity to talk to the group and to get some very useful feedback and questions.”

Janet Herring a patient from Carlisle, has suffered migraines for almost 20 years said “It was a very informative session and the four hours ‘whizzed by’. The speakers focussed on many different elements of migraine and headaches. The research team were well represented and approachable. I learned lots from the session, how to recognise triggers and I now have other avenues to explore.  It will be helpful to speak with other sufferers and I will be making some enquiries to the local Cumbria Neurological Alliance.”

The Joint Cumbria Headache Forum and Annual Headache Specialists meeting organised by Dr Jitka Vanderpol, Consultant Neurologist at the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) supported by Mrs Jill Murphy, Headache Specialist Nurse from York NHS Hospital on 27th April in Penrith.