Friendly South Cumbria like “a dream” for Nischay

Dr Nischay Umesh, 29, specialist doctor for Cumbria Partnership NHS Trust, lives in Ulverston

South Cumbria is a long way from South India, but since moving to the area Dr Nischay Umesh says he has found it a “home from home”. 


Nischay said working for the Dane Garth mental health unit in Barrow could be challenging, but it was made easier by having the support of a good team behind him. 

“In the community if you start with someone they will be in a crisis and once you see them improving and becoming more hopeful and trying to get on with life that makes us as a team feel very happy,” he said.

“With an inpatient by the time you see they are ready for discharge you see such an improvement and that gives you satisfaction.

“When it starts getting busy people feel under pressure but everybody tries to help each other. Work is quite challenging but at the same time if you have a good supportive team it doesn't matter. I am just enjoying it. 

“People have been so friendly, they have invited me to their homes and their parties. Sometimes I think 'Am I dreaming here' because everyone is so nice.”


Nischay has enjoyed lodging with a family in Ulverston while he has been living in South Cumbria. 

“They are a family of four and they are so friendly, one of the little girls is teaching me ballet and I am teaching her some Bollywood,” he said. 

“It is a small town but there is lots of things happening. I have been to a classical English  music event and the Ulverston Music Festival at the Coronation Hall. I didn't realise Stan Laurel was from Ulverston and I grew up watching him because those were some of the first things brought to India from the Western World. 

“I had never flown before and never left the country. This was such a big cultural contrast. I was actually very worried whether people would accept me but today my presumptions have been proved completely wrong and they have accepted me wherever I go. 

“I wanted to have a job in the South Lakes because I felt people were more friendly here and I could share my views and have a chat. When you go out to pubs and anything it has always been a friendly atmosphere. 

“The work team have become friends, even outside of work. I feel like it is a home from home.”


“Since moving here I have taken up fellwalking and, you name it, I have done most of the famous fellwalks. I have done the Keswick to Barrow walk twice. I am planning to take up some mountain biking and I just want to use the natural resources that we have. 

“Helvellyn is one of the best fellwalks I have done and Keswick is my favourite town and I also had one of the best curries I have ever had in the UK there. There are good pubs here and a good selection of restaurants and the food is so good. I wonder why would you want to go anywhere else. 

“My favourite food is fish and chips with mushy peas and vinegar. Once a week I have to have this. In Ulverston there is something called the Chippy Bank and it is so delicious. 

“I had never heard of the Beatles before I came here, but after hearing them I went to the Cavern Club in Liverpool and saw where they came from. 

“I think you need to give as much to a culture as you take and then it will be a good experience.”