Getting people ‘Home on Time’

The Bay Health and Care Partners are placing a focus on getting discharge right with a ‘Home on time’ initiative over the coming week. Between 11th – 17th January the partners delivering Better Care Together will be looking at implementing different processes to ensure patients are not delayed returning home when appropriate. The initiative follows a similar exercise held in November 2016, which has helped to shape some of the processes.

Andrew Bennett, Chair of the A&E Delivery Board “It’s vital that patients are able to go home from hospital as soon as they’re ready but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Some patients need extra help and support at home after a stay in hospital. This week the Bay Health and Care Partners are trialling new ideas to streamline this process and help people get ‘Home on Time’.”

Foluke Ajayi, Chief Operating Officer, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust, said: “This week is about trialling new ways of working across the local health system with our Bay Health and Care Partners. The Home on Time initiative is working really well so far and seeing partners come closer together to improve patient care and flow. I want to thank all members of staff at UHMBT and our partners for supporting this initiative.”

Dr Andy Knox, GP and Lead for health and Wellbeing “It’s important that people look after themselves, simple steps like regular exercise and a balanced diet really make a difference. If you feel unwell, it’s important to get help from the right place, we have produced a number of self-care videos which are available online, your local pharmacist is a great source of advice, additionally the NHS website is another fantastic resource and I’d recommend people make use of NHS 111 when they’re unsure of what they need to do.”

Self care videos

The below videos give advice on how to look after you child's health at home. More self care videos, including sore throats, ring worm, eczema, ear ache and head lice are available on the Better Care Together You Tube channel

Dr Owen Galt talks about constipation
Dr Andy Knox explains tension headaches
Dr Owen Galt talks about diarrhoea and vomiting