Help shape the future health of Morecambe Bay

The Better Care Together programme started in 2012 and now a team of experts from the University of Cumbria has been commissioned by Bay Health and Care Partners to independently evaluate key health initiatives within the programme.

The evaluation will take place over the next 12 months to discover who the programme is working for, in what context, and why. Staff from within Bay Health and Care Partners, as well as patients and public, are encouraged to have their say and get involved in developing the Better Care Together programme.

The highly experienced Health and Social Care Evaluations (HASCE) team will be carrying out the evaluation. Tom Grimwood, the evaluation lead from HASCE at the University said:

“The main focus of the evaluation is to discover the ‘active ingredients’ of a new care model. Our main question is not ‘does it work?’ but rather ‘who does a programme like this work for, in what settings, and why?”

Evaluation activities will focus on:

  • Outcomes and experience of care
  • Quality and safety
  • Cultural change
  • Sustainability

The evaluation will evolve as the ongoing dialogue with those involved in the programme develops. Alongside the data collection and analysis, the team will be running three workshops throughout the year to discuss their emerging findings with stakeholders, and link these to broader debates around transforming healthcare. 

Find out more and get involved

A website for the evaluation will launch in February providing information on the project, useful literature and discussion boards for ongoing feedback. It is important for as many people as possible to be involved in this evaluation process. Your views can influence change, and service improvements.

You may be directly invited to take part in the evaluation activities, alternatively if you want to get involved at any level please contact: