Inspiring our future workforce

The NHS, Cumbria County Council, and Emergency Services - the largest employer group in Cumbria - came together in February to offer students in the north, west and east of our county a unique opportunity to explore a large number of careers. 

The events allowed our organisations to streamline resources whilst showing students how many of our roles cross our organisations such as a GP who can work across A&E, out of hours and day time practice or Occupational Health Therapist working in a county council acute or secondary care setting. It was supported by our local education providers such as colleges and the University of Cumbria so students could talk to professionals as well as a course leader for the course that would help get them into that role. 

The teams received really positive feedback from students, schools and staff and have seen some increase in healthcare related university applications since the event. 

Jessica Morgan a student from from Lakes College commented “It’s been great to see what careers there are in health and social care, and it’s helped to confirm that I definitely want to be in the NHS and I know I want to be a midwife.”

Compassion Competition 
As part of the event we asked students to consider why compassion was an important value to have across our organisations. Although skills to do the job are important, our services are all committed to recruiting and ensuring the staff they employ adhere to the values and behaviours expected to be seen in health and blue light related roles. We had over 40 entries from students and two winners were shortlisted by our NHS governors. 

Amelie Rhodes from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School Penrith and Matthew Beattie from James Rennie School, Carlisle were both submitted entries that reflect what we expect our future workforce to understand of compassion. Both Students received a certificate and were invited to a small presentation with some of our key worker representatives.

Amelie Rhodes – Year 10 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Entry: I feel compassion is so important in our services because the patients or public need to be able to trust that the services know what they’re doing and will do the right thing.  Also if the people working in the services are positive and optimistic then that has an effect on you as a patient. It gets you into appositive mind set. It’s also important they show compassion because they then know what you’re going through and how you feel so they can deal with in on a more personal level.

Amelie was inspired at the event and would now like to be a Paramedic. 

Matthew Beattie – James Rennie School

Entry: Makes me happy and kind. 

Matthew wants to pursue a career in animal care however loved the opportunity to come and explore the careers across our services.

Next Event 
Dates for the next events have now been confirmed: 

  • University of Cumbria 5th October 2017 1pm – 5pm 
  • Lakes College on the 19th October 2017 1pm -5pm

We are pleased to expand our collaboration of healthcare partners to now include: Eden Valley Hospice at both events, Armed Forces (medic, nurses) and cadets for nursing and Ambulance service. We have also expanded our Educational partners to now welcome Newcastle University Medical School.