Later life & memory team raise awareness of living well with dementia

David Storm, Clinical lead for dementia pathways and his team took part in BBC Radio Cumbria's dementia focus week in October 2014, to raise awareness of dementia and the importance of 'seeing the person' in order to live well with dementia.   David Storm was joined by Rikki Dawson, Sarah Thwaites, Michelle McNabb, Rachael Pennington and Pauline Carlyle for taking part in BBC Radio Cumbria’s dementia focus week.  

David Storm said of the experience:

“It’s been great to be able to say something positive about dementia and to say ‘this is what we can do’ rather than ‘this is what we can’t’.”

It was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of dementia and they should all be very proud of their contributions which helped send a really positive message to people with dementia, their carer’s and the public.