Latest information regarding flooding.

Cumbria floods 2015 - latest information and service disruptions 

The Trust has now declared and internal major incident due to the flooding and its affect.

We are extremely grateful to our staff and others who have worked tirelessly to help make sure that our patients are safe across the county and all who continue to help.

All agencies are working together in order to best utilise all our resources and expertise to help keep people in Cumbria safe.

Please can any staff who are not able to get into work in the next 24- 48 hour please let your line manager or local team know. If you are able to do any additional work or hours please also let your line manager or local team know.

Please ensure all mobile devises are fully charged in preparation for further potential power cuts. This is now an internal incident so please refer to the incidence response plan the specifically the action cards at the back.

Please keep checking our website for the latest information.

Accident and Emergency departments around Cumbria are very busy and anyone who needs medical advice is asked to call 111.

Doctors in Cumbria have responded to a call from Cumbria Health on Call (CHOC) with medics around the county available to react to calls or give medical advice. The service is very busy this evening. Our emergency services are under extreme pressure and 999 should only be used for life threatening emergencies.

Cumbrians are also asked to check on vulnerable family, friends and neighbours if it is safe to do so. Severe winds can sometimes cause damage to the power network, if you have a power cut or if you notice any power lines down please stay away and contact Electricity North West on 0800 195 4141, or follow @ElectricityNW for live updates.

Should your property be affected by a flood please be extremely careful and do not touch any electrical equipment or power cables. For more information about flood alerts, visit

Keep up-to-date with the weather at To keep up to date with the latest weather forecasts, visit the Met Office website:

Tune in to your local BBC Radio station to keep up to date with road and school closures and other community issues: and

You can also contact the Cumbria Highways Hotline on 0845 609 6609 or Lancashire Highways at