Living Well with & beyond Cancer

Our living well with and beyond cancer day offers a chance to meet others and find ways to manage some of these difficulties in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The topics we cover will be decided by you on the day. We know that friends and family can find the treatment process difficult too, so they are welcome to come along. We will be able to give them some advice and information as well. The event is run by NHS health professionals and is part of your recovery and rehabilitation programme. It is focussed on providing you with some tools and information that may be helpful in moving forward following treatment, in a supportive environment. Finishing cancer treatment can be a positive experience; however it is common for people to struggle to return to normal, often due to difficulties such as fatigue, sleep, pain, relationships, emotions, body image and other worries. There are free events to support rehabilitation. You will be able to discuss the impact of cancer upon relationships, have guidance from health care professionals, goal setting and hear about opportunities for support. The content is flexible based on the needs of the individual.

The next events are 2nd August in Kendal and 8th August in Carlisle. For more details or to book a place, please contact: Sarah Howard 07747 790463