Louise Chapman - Nursing Associate Apprentice

Louise Chapman - Nursing Associate Apprentice

What is Nursing Associate Apprentice?
This new role was introduced in 2018 to bridge the gap between health and care support workers and registered nurses. It allows support workers to build on their existing knowledge, skills and experience through a two year, practical programme, and gain a foundation degree level qualification.

Louise’s story

I currently work at the Acorn Centre at the Carleton Clinic, an all-male intensive rehabilitation centre. I have worked in mental health now for fivePhoto Louise Chapman years and have previously volunteered with families and worked for Mencap.

I feel an apprenticeship is an excellent way of learning for anyone. You get to learn on the job skills and you still get paid, this was the only way I could progress.

I completed an apprenticeship in Health and Social Care Level 3 in 2017 and completed my Care Certificate alongside this. I also retook my GCSE English Language in 2017 as I didn’t get the grade I needed when I finished school. 

I worked for the Acorn Centre for almost three years, when I decided that I could offer more to the service and decided I wanted to progress with my learning and development. 

I’d looked at different options that weren’t to be but I did not want to give up, as this is not in my nature. I had heard about this new role Nursing Associate, a role that bridges the gap between health care assistants and nurses. When I investigated further, it sounded right up my street.

The Nursing Associate Apprenticeship is a two-year course and it’s great that I get to learn on the job and gain more experience as well as doing placements in different services within the NHS.

I love the placements as I have gained experience of different areas within mental health and also in the acute/general side of the NHS. This is helping me to gain new skills and knowledge and I feel my confidence is coming on leaps and bounds.

After the two years, I’m hoping to get the opportunity to carry on with my training to Nurse Degree level, it’s my goal to qualify as a general nurse in the future.