Maryport Alliance thank locals for their support in developing local health plans

The Maryport Alliance have thanked locals for their support in developing local health plans.

The group who are developing plans for the future of health and care services in Maryport have extended their thanks to the local community for their support and contributions. This is following the decision by the CCG to close the overnight beds in Victoria Hospital.

Vanessa Connor – ICC manager said:

“The CCG gave us the opportunity to develop plans to reinvest the money previously spent on the overnight beds and we are determined to demonstrate that we can use this money effectively in a variety of ways which will undoubtedly benefit Maryport. We do not want to lose the money or our wonderful staff in the hospital!”

Kate Whitmarsh from the Ewanrigg Local Trust and a member of the Alliance said:

“Over the last few months people have contributed by attending meetings, ‘drop in’ events and commenting on social media. All of the ideas and suggestions are being explored and we are including as many as possible in the plans for future development. We are very grateful to all those who have contributed and would encourage more people to get involved.”

One of the main concerns that has been raised during meetings and conversations with local people is how those who are near the end of their lives can be cared for better.

Linda Radcliffe CPFT Public Governor for Allerdale and Town Councillor added;

“We know that palliative care is a huge concern and we are working with health and care staff, voluntary groups and members of the public to improve what is already available in the community. We are also looking to secure dedicated beds in the town that would be supported by the wonderful staff from the hospital. This is an issue that we have developed a specific reference group for and one which we are taking very seriously.”

Jen Lambert, ward sister at Maryport Hospital and also part of the Alliance said:

“We are already starting to pilot some services to benefit the people in Maryport. For example, some patients who were having to travel to Carlisle for regular blood transfusions are now having this treatment right here in the hospital. We hope to expand this service and deliver lots more care here so people do not have to travel long distances every week. The plans also include increasing community staff with the intention of caring for more people in their own homes.”

Reverend Ken Wright, Maryport’s Hospital Chaplain added:

“These plans are still in draft form and its really important that local people of all ages continue to tell us what they think of them, is there anything missing, what are your main concerns with the plans? These plans belong to the community and not any one organisation so please do get involved.”

The plans are on the Cumbria ICC pages and the Alliance are encouraging people to get involved now and in the future. If you would like more information or would like to come to one of our meetings please contact the Ewanrigg Local Trust Tel: 01900 819575