Medical director for Cumbia Success Regime appointed

Dr Stephen Singleton OBE has recently been appointed as the medical director of the Success Regime for West, North and East Cumbria.  

Formerly the medical director and interim chief executive of NHS North of England, and currently the lead for Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative (CLIC), Dr Singleton started his career as a Cumbria GP and has subsequently held many senior posts in the NHS including regional director of Public Health and medical director of the North East Strategic Health Authority. 

West, North and East Cumbria is one of the most challenged areas in England, with significant health and care issues that are long-standing and deep-rooted. The Success Regime, established by NHS England, the NHS Trust Development Authority and Monitor, is working with partners to provide additional support to help transform health and care in these areas.  

This locally led and owned initiative with support from national bodies, is dedicated to driving success and ensuring the best possible services for local people. 

Dr Singleton said: “The public and the staff have worked hard over many years to develop the best possible health and care services for the area. However, it is acknowledged that a new approach is needed to make progress at the scale and pace required.

“The Success Regime sets out to create the conditions that will achieve improvement above and beyond what has previously been delivered. There are many, many great services in the healthcare system, from local GPs to high-tech hospital services. The programme will work to build on the good work undertaken so far, to align all organisations through a common purpose, and to promote the sharing of best practice, whilst leveraging the expertise and resources available at a national level. The most important conversations will also be with local people themselves.

“The reason for calling it the ‘Success Regime’ is to emphasise that – this time – the planning will be seen through. It is designed to make the local health and care system more successful.”

The Success Regime is focused on delivering a sustainable health and care system fit for the future, with the involvement of patients, local people, clinicians, staff and partners, to achieve informed change. Connected to this, dedicated public communications and engagement events will continue to be rolled out, details of which will be shared widely and will be available on the Success Regime website:

Dr Stephen Singleton was also the lead on service strategy, leadership development and public health for NHS North East. As a senior civil servant with the Department of Health he also had a formal liaison role with the Department of Work and Pensions and was deeply involved in the delivery of the doctors’ revalidation scheme. 

He was a Visiting Professor of Public Health in the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University and has research interests in quality, safety, medical education and informatics. 

Dr Singleton joined NHS Cumbria CCG two years ago and has developed CLIC, the Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaboration, to help drive up health and social care improvements in Cumbria.