Memory Matters helping Dementia Patients and Carers find the best support

The Memory Matters team at Carleton Clinic are working with other organisations and GP surgeries to raise further awareness of Dementia and provide information on what is available locally.

Helen Todd, Senior Nurse in the Memory & Later Life Services said “When a patient receives a diagnosis of Dementia the impact on the patient and the family can be daunting. We want to ensure they have all the help, support, information and how to access what is available locally to help them manage in future. We also hope to improve links with GPs so they know where to find support for their patients following a diagnosis of Dementia”.

GP surgeries will be displaying posters with details of the date and time a member of staff from Memory Matters team will be on hand to answer any questions on Dementia and sign post to other organisations that will be able to help.

Memory Matters will be handing out leaflets and information to patients, carers and families to let them know what is available locally from organisations including Age UK, Adult Social Care, Carlisle Carers, Alzheimer’s Society, Red Cross and Day Care information for support for patients and families. There will be contact details for national organisations the NHS website and NHS 111. Advice is also available on common physical signs of worsening confusion and what to look out for.