Millom Leading the way for diabetes support group

News from Better Care Together

Millom locals have come together to launch a brand new type two diabetes support group called ‘2s R Us’, with one lady travelling from as far as Barrow to attend.

Community member Karen Jackson-Smith organised the type two diabetes support group following her own diagnosis in August. Karen became motivated to set up the group after finding out that the nearest support groups were in Lancaster, Preston and Penrith.

She said: “I was really pleased with the turnout at the first group, lots of health concerns were shared which can be addressed at future meetings. It was clear that people are keen to get their diabetes under control and this community-led group will help us to support each other in doing this.”
Local fitness instructor Sheila Ellwood attended the meeting at the Bradbury Centre and spoke about how diabetes can be controlled and improved though regular exercise and healthy eating. Sheila even encouraged the men in the room to get moving by explaining that aerobics was initially used by spitfire pilots in the war. Attendees were given the opportunity to get to know each other, share stories and offer their own support whilst tucking into diabetic friendly refreshments provided by the local Tesco.
Community member Pam Kirkbride attended the meeting and said: “I learnt a lot at the meeting. It was interesting, supportive and not at all frightening.”

Group discussions highlighted what the community would like from each other at the group meetings going forward and from experts e.g. healthy eating advice form a diabetic specialist. Following the initial meeting a Facebook page for the type two diabetes support group has been created which offers the community support and National advice including resources from Diabetes UK.

Community member Karen Jackson-Smith said: “I would encourage anyone to set up a community-led support group, all you need is time, enthusiasm and commitment to helping people in your neighbourhood”.