National NHS Leaders announce additional funding for Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay has received additional funding to test a number of new models of health care developed by Better Care Together. Better Care Together applied to be a Vanguard site, which is a national initiative that encourages health and care systems to develop new models of care over the next five years. The amount each Vanguard will receive will be confirmed in summer 2015 and the Morecambe Bay community is expected to receive up to £10million. This is non-recurrent money so we cannot look to receiving it again.

Better Care Together will need to provide assurance that we can deliver the health and care plans we have proposed. Plans across Morecambe Bay include the further development of Integrated Care Communities across South Cumbria; these are teams which offer “wrap around care” to patients with complex needs e.g. elderly people with conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Plans will also see the continuation of service redesign work in health areas such as planned care e.g. outpatient appointments and children’s services.

The additional money will also help plans to invest in care in other important areas of care such as better equipping people to self-care and strengthening urgent care.

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